China Joe Followed His Script Today

Posted March 31st, 2021 by Iron Mike

The Communist Chinese have the American pResident they’ve dreamed of for decades;  – a wire-guided coin-operated babbling puppet,  – no longer even capable of cogent thoughts or words.

Today in Pittsburgh China Joe Biden announced the bare-bones framework for his $2 TRILLION “infrastructure bill” – a combination of the familiar “roads & bridges” and AOC’s “Green New Deal”. Both parts are a brazen lie.

If this grandiose spending and taxing bill was necessary and worthy, Biden would have been flanked by an entourage of US Senators, State Governors, Wall Street legends and industry titans.

But they were ALL conspicuously ABSENT!

Most people – even the most die-hard life-long Democrats understand what Biden is doing.  He’s doing the bidding of Pelosi, Schumer,  AOC,  Susan Rice,  Warren Buffett,  Bill Gates,  and Mark Zuckerberg.  Orders are coming from Beijing.

Massive new taxes on “THE RICH” will drive manufacturing off shore to India and China,  – where it will take Chinese container ships to bring goods here,  – while our money flows overseas (maybe to be taxed there)(or to fund foreign armies and navies).

Newly emptied factories will create new alcohol and drug addicted cities where teenage street gangs will suddenly outnumber the police.

FALSE LABLING:  Biden calls this his “American Jobs Plan”,  – but any college freshman who has taken Economics 101 understand where the jobs go when profits are taxed.

Biden said it will “…create millions and millions of jobs”. 

 Right Joe!  In RED CHINA!


Hardly!   Biden will do EVERYTHING to destroy our American coal, oil, and gas industries,  – so that America has to rely on wind and solar,  – i.e. on machinery produced in China by factories powered by coal, oil, and gas.

It seems Joe wasn’t briefed on how wind and solar failed across Texas last month.  More likely – his brain couldn’t absorb the information – – or he just doesn’t give a damn.

Biden says his plan will fix the “10 most economically significant bridges in America”.

Does anybody reading this believe Biden was shown a map or a list of these “crumbling bridges”?

Anybody believe any of these bridges are in Red States?

Wanna bet that if actual bridge work EVER starts;  – they’ll be using Chinese steel?

Everything Trump spent 4 years building UP;  – Biden and his hate-filled handlers are TEARING DOWN and DESTROYING!

Can you imagine how much damage they will have done by 20 January 2025?

The failure of Biden’s schemes will be measured in units far worse than the number of empty factories,  burning windmills, and Chinese aircraft carriers, ….and they will last for generations.

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  1. Sonny's Mom

    And already, not even 100 days into his “reign”, Biden is launching a direct attack on the Constitution.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    And already, not even 100 days into his “reign”, Biden is launching a direct attack on the Constitution. (Posted 4/9/21)

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