China Joe Embraces Hamas Ambassador

Posted May 18th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Do not expect that being smuggled into the pResidency is going to cause Creepy China Joe to change his lifetime habit of pawing women.  He will always be a creep….

This snarky Muslim woman lets him touch her because she wants him to rebuke Israel.

Tlaib has direct family living in Gaza,  and she’s afraid that an Israeli bomb will land on them.

One Response to “China Joe Embraces Hamas Ambassador”

  1. GreenGeretLTC

    BLM, Hamas….same-same. The only difference is Hamas is, so far, so much better armed.

    When the B,s (and Hamas and Fatah) start taking seriously BL’s (and Palestinian lives), I’ll start taking seriously BLM and the plight of Palestinians…..

    Iran, Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinians, BLM, China, Democrats and especially their left-wing whackos need to take note. Be careful what you look for…. Machiavelli said never wound the king. Yamamoto feared he’d awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with great resolve.

    Incidentally, I’ve yet to learn that there was ever a country or even an organized entity named Palestine. The Romans controlled a province in the Middle East called Judea and pejoratively renamed it Palestine because of its unfriendly and nearly uninhabitable desert environment, and to where they’d usually assign effective but disliked administrators. Hell, even Pilate, who wielded an iron fist, had a Jewish problem, not a Palestinian one….

    But with the fall of Rome came the Byzantines and various Muslim factions, then the Ottomans (I can’t think of anyone else in there….), and then the British who with the UN tried to work this out and still no Palestine….

    I think Israel is yet another sleeping giant.

    Just sayin’…..