China Joe Bullshit Alert For Kenosha

Posted September 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Just two days after viciously criticizing President Trump for his fact-finding trip to Kenosha – – Copy-Cat China Joe is flying those 660 miles himself.   Why?

All he can offer Kenosha is incoherent criticism of Trump and babbling advice on race relations,  – as he learned from Obama.
But Joe longs to hear the clicking of the cameras as the photogs scramble for a better angle.  He craves the attention.  

Biden tried to out-Trump the President – and ended up looking sacrilegious and silly,  – even churlish at times.

The Biden people were trying to create a photo-op, – where clips could be used in TV ads.  So for part of this – Biden was free to ramble,  – and he sure did!

Have a bucket handy!

One Response to “China Joe Bullshit Alert For Kenosha”

  1. Jim Buba

    Yep, he went there and made phone calls. You would think; something that Joe cannot do, that calling from his basement would have been just as effective.