China Joe Biden’s First Race Crisis Is Here!

Posted April 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

12 years after the inauguration of America’s 1st Black president,  – race relations are far worse that at any point in my lifetime.  Obama set the clock back 100 years.  It will get worse when Kamala Harris takes over.

A White cop has shot and killed a young Black man in Minnesota,  – the locals have rioted,  and the National Guard has been quickly deployed.  It is a leadership moment for Joe Biden;  – the only question is how he will blow it.

The murder trial of Officer Derek Chauvin is taking place just a few miles south of Brooklyn Center. Things have been on hair trigger for a year,  and we could all wish that the officer in this case hadn’t fired.

BUT,  we haven’t seen the evidence,  – we DON’T KNOW what the situation looked like to HIM (actually HER),  – and if when Daunte refused to cooperate with the traffic stop and turned back inside the car,  – did the officer fear for her life?

We wonder what was Duante’s fear?  The most he was facing was a verbal (maybe a written) warning for having a dangling air freshener.  Did he have drugs in the car?

The neighborhood mob is demanding “Justice for Daunte!”

What does justice look like to them; – stomping on police cars, – or waiting for the investigation and grand jury findings?

Obama had 8 years to help heal lingering race tensions in America,  – mostly in our Democrat-controlled inner cities.

He didn’t.  He is a bitterly racist man himself;  – it took enormous self-control not to let it show on a daily basis.

BUT he’d already turned his back on his Black voter base.

He NEVER went to an inner city to calm things after a problem (like the 2015 Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore), – – nor did he spend any time telling young Black girls to not get pregnant until they were married.

As observers of current and emerging trends,  – it seems that dancing on police cars is the latest way young inner-city Black youths can prove they’ve come of age.

Certainly an acceptable way to memorialize a recently martyred Brother…?

As we’re ‘reimagining policing’ in America,  – should we be investing in non-skid hoods and roofs on patrol cars,  – so rioting street dancers don’t slide off and hurt themselves? 

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4 Responses to “China Joe Biden’s First Race Crisis Is Here!”

  1. Varvara

    This is going to be one hell of a summer! I think Europe will have the same problems.

  2. Kojack

    They won’t be incarcerated for stomping on a police car, but woe onto them who don’t wear the Burqa masks of submission while they’re doing it.

  3. Jim

    They were able to loot several stores. And no one will cite them for their lawbreaking. I think all such incidents strengthen the Republican position as more and more people get fed up with what’s going on.

  4. Walter Knight

    Daunte Wright was leading a thug’s life, with a warrant of arrest for weapon’s charges, and got a thug’s ending. Good riddance. It must be tough on liberals when all their heroes are felons.

    Everything liberal is a fruad.