China Joe Biden SNAPS At His Cheerleaders!

Posted June 16th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Tired and frustrated after a day with Putin,  Biden forgets he’s Front and Center on the World Stage;  – looses his cool and SNAPS at a CNN reporter,  – who for once was asking a worthy question.

Many people think Joe is a gentle funny guy.  They haven’t seen (or have ignored) the ugly dark side of his character….

The short-tempered Biden the world saw today in Geneva is EXACTLY the Biden who should never be trusted with our National Defense,  – precisely because he is given to temper flares.

How much worse it’s gotten as his dementia advances is something the whole world should worry about.   

Madmen start wars.

Most Democraps have REFUSED TO WATCH this video;  – they KNOW about it,  – but they can’t bring themselves to watch….

Short-tempered,  corrupt,…a corrupt drug-addicted son,…corrupt brothers,…a corrupt niece,…a corrupt vice president (a whore),..advancing dementia,…

…the USA is is a terrible place right now.

And with us,…so is the World!

One Response to “China Joe Biden SNAPS At His Cheerleaders!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Now, this is REAL Russia Collusion