China Joe Biden Lost In Houston

Posted March 1st, 2021 by Iron Mike

What am I doing here…?”

Folks,  this is both sad and scary.  No wonder Democrats want to take the Nuclear Codes away from him (and eventually from his successor VP Kneepads).

He is struggling mightily with dementia – and losing the fight.

You heard Biden struggling with the names of Congressvermin?  Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green, – both of Houston…?

There are TWO REASONS:

1.  Biden’s short-term memory can only hold limited data

2.  He is a life-long racist – and both Congressvermin are Black, – (and both are truly obnoxious). Jackson Lee has been in office since 1995 (26 years);  Green has been there since 2005 (16 years).    Just imagine how tough it was for Joe to suck up to Obama and Moosechelle for those 8 long years…..

It is beyond belief that Biden would be unfamiliar with two KEY members of the Congressional Black Caucus THAT HE JUST MET AGAIN – – unless he doesn’t care – and /or his mind has turned to Swiss cheese….

And,…if you think China Joe is a racist…..

2 Responses to “China Joe Biden Lost In Houston”

  1. Keith

    Reminds me a little of the Abbot and Costello comedy routine “who’s on first?”
    Unfortunately it’s not a joke

  2. Vic

    In which House do the Reprezenators meet?
    President Commacho was more on the ball.