China Joe Biden: A Fool & His Numbers

Posted September 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Warren, Michigan  Wed,  9 Sept 2020:   Bellicose embellishments!  Biden rants to the cameras that Trump has caused 6,114 US Troops to die of Coronavirus.

The actual number is just 7,…and Trump didn’t cause them.  Now see where these bombastic lies were told:

Democrats have been talking for these past 3+ years of “Rebuilding their Blue Wall”,  – because Trump won Michigan in 2016. (Crooked Hillary was too smug to bother campaigning there.)

So there was Biden in Detroit and the suburb of Warren – the automobile manufacturing capital of America – just 10 miles north of bloody Detroit….

…where he was holding backyard chats with selected UAW union leaders – but never brought up the riots….or the fact that for 8 years he helped Obama send automobile manufacturing jobs to China….

And with a straight face he announced a NEW POLICY – “Manufacture in America” with tax credits to bring jobs back from China!

Gotta wonder where he thought that one up from.  The idea must have come to him in his sleep….

So the “Me Too!” puppet has been reprogrammed to say Buy American?  If elected,  whoever loads his teleprompter would run the country!

What is truly sad is the Biden and his handlers really believe that union workers are so badly informed, – and so slavishly loyal to union bosses,  – that they’ll believe the lies Biden tells and vote for Democrats again….


Biden has been lying to Unions his whole life!

3 Responses to “China Joe Biden: A Fool & His Numbers”

  1. panther 6

    Apparently a note flying around the net from Joe B’s old stenographer that claims major deterioration in his thought processes since 2017. No real news to any of us Biden watchers.

  2. Jim Buba

    Joe is just so Rear View

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Not only dementia, folks…. Take a gander at Biden’s gate: Short, quick, harrow paces. It reminds me of two very dear friends currently suffering Parkinson’s…