China Flies “2,000,000 Units” Into Caracas

Posted May 15th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Between the Russians and the Chinese, that airport in Caracas is getting crowded. But while the Russians can send in their own planes, China is using Boeing 747s, – which given the current tariff war,  is totally ironic.

It highlights how stupid Americans have spent decades helping China,  – our most aggressive natural enemy grow and project military and economic power.  What do the Russians and Chinese want in Venezuela?

Location – Location – Location – Location

In the end, – by 2050, China expects to control 90% of world trade,  and needs strategic outposts to do this. 

Venezuela is ideal – it guards both the South Atlantic and the Caribbean,  and the approaches to the Panama Canal.  It has vast oil reserves, refineries in need of repair, – and the land can grow lot of food.

Russia wants Venezuela for precisely the same reasons,  strategic location for it’s bombers and submarines to checkmate the USA,  – and to keep those pesky Chinese out of the Atlantic.

We want them both gone,  Maduro out, – and the Venezuelan oil infrastructure rebuilt.  AND, we’d like the Venezuelans out of the illegal drug smuggling business.

With competing interest like these,  – somebody is going to end up dead.

One Response to “China Flies “2,000,000 Units” Into Caracas”

  1. Kojack

    Great summary of the situation in Venezuela, Mike.

    Of course, we can all thank the PEANUT FARMER for losing TOTAL control of the Panama Canal, which we built in case you millennials and generations X and Y weren’t aware, and HUSSEIN, who cozied up to CHAVEZ as well as CASTRO for contributing to the problems we have in that region today.

    Control of the Panama Canal would have been a huge obstacle to our enemies in the Venezuelan region.

    The PEANUT FARMER also needs to be credited with the rise of the MULLAHS in Iran.