Childish Churlish Ted Cruz Loudly Booed

Posted July 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

As a long-term supporter and fan of the Senator,  it hurts to write this entry.
Ted Cruz booed
Last night in Cleveland,  Cruz had an opportunity for greatness afforded few men in History,  – and he carefully and deliberately squandered it.

Donald Trump had been magnanimous in victory,  and invited each of the original 16 Republican candidates to have the stage and the spotlight to address the nation.

Some like Jeb Bush and John Kasich stayed away;  – Kasich pointedly appearing down the street at an alternative convention of globalists.

Ted accepted the invitation,  and was given a key time slot to speak.  He was his usual eloquent self for the first half of it,…but then began a walk through the weeds….

Watching I began to wonder if he was literally flinging his political career onto a bonfire, – perhaps preparing to return to the big money of private law practice.

Finally, as he was dragging out his closing, – telling the crowd to vote their conscience in November – the crowd sensed that he wasn’t going to outright endorse Trump,  – that he was being in-your-face rude to his host – and to the GOP.  He was certainly burning bridges,…and he departed the stage to resounding boos….

What could have been his ‘Ted Kennedy’ moment of immortality, – – was gone.

Life for him back in the US Senate will be lonely,…and he certainly knew that beforehand.

A Little History:

In 1980,  Senator Ted Kennedy challenged sitting dipshit President Jimmy Carter for the Democrat nomination.   He came up short,  haunted by the scandal of Chappaquiddick just 11 years prior. 


Libturd Dems chose to stick with their wounded duck, – even as the Iran Hostage Crisis was dragging on….

I loathed and despised both men, still do to this day…..

But Kennedy’s graceful exit,  – his brief speech at the 1980 DNC in NY City – was a moment of timeless eloquence,…one Ted Cruz should have embraced

6 Responses to “Childish Churlish Ted Cruz Loudly Booed”

  1. Panther 6

    Cruz got what he deserved. Very disappointed in his childish refusal to live up to the pledge that he agreed to last AUG. I think it may well be his death knell politically.

  2. Varvara

    His security detail had a difficult time getting him out of the building. The detail got his wife out before he finished his speech.

  3. Hawk1776

    I’ve never been a Cruz fan but I’ve lost all respect for him now. He could have taken a positive step towards a Republican victory in November by endorsing Trump. Instead he acted like a petulant child. He gets my vote for dumbass of the week.

  4. Mt Woman

    I was a Cruz fan, seeing him several times in person. Regardless, disappointed only begins to touch on my reaction to his appearance last night. Trying to parse his words any way we can, like Newt did immediately after, still resulted in a Tum’s moment. He truly left a sour taste in my stomach.

    Granted he spoke highly of the reason to be conservative and Republican, but was ungracious and childish, especially after his continued justification this morning.

    I have enjoyed the comments from the other Trump rivals who did attend, Cristy, Walker, Rubio, Perry, Carson, in commentary, Mike Huckabee etc. All understand that politics ain’t beanbag and you don’t go into the kitchen if you are afraid of some heat.

    Go away Ted, maybe some Texans still want to hear from you, but this MA woman does not! You have overstayed your welcome.

  5. FLICK


  6. Kojack

    I used to like and respect Cruz but by intentionally attempting to derail Trump and thus electing Hillary Rotten, he would necessarily be putting the Constitution that he supposedly loves in jeopardy, since the next POTUS will probably appoint at least 3 Supreme Court Justices.

    This proves that he is nothing more than a WELL-SPOKEN AMBITIOUS FRAUD. Go away, Ted and don’t come back!