Chicago’s Commie Priest Blocks I-90!

Posted July 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Obama buddy “Father” Michael Pfleger is an avowed commie,  – and today he tested his ability to stop interstate trafficCommie Mayor Rahm Emanuel (runs a ‘Sanctuary City’) let him get away with it.

In Pfleger’s twisted logic,  – the City should be providing JOBS to Black People,  – as a way to stop the nightly / daily shootings in the Black neighborhoods over-run by Black gangs fighting over drug turf.

8 years Obama was President….

….what did he do to address inner-city Black violence?

How many times did he play golf….?

So today Pfleger took his lemmings onto the Dan Ryan – aka Interstate 90,  – and after some ‘discussion’ with the police – managed to block all 4 lanes.

And THIS was just his summer warm-up act….

Here you have the Police Chief siding with the lawless,  – participating with them,  – and all OKed by the Mayor.

Think anybody can restore Law and Order to Chicago now?

3 Responses to “Chicago’s Commie Priest Blocks I-90!”

  1. Hawk1776

    During the Vietnam War we had the Berrigans. They were activists in priest’s garb. Jesse Jackson uses his “Reverend” title whenever possible, although he never graduated from Divinity School. Anything for publicity.

  2. Panther 6

    I am disappointed and disgusted that my church has not defrocked and ridden out of town on a rail this supposed priest. He is a disgrace and a fraud in my mind, and not a priest in any aspect of that word. He hurts more than he ever helped!!!! And the mayor is a total minion of BHO and the people of Chicago are doing this to themselves. I also believe that all lives matter and the statistics Iron Mike presented are appalling. Does no one care? Appears total anarchy reins in Chicago.


    The ‘Church’ Sir…? Too busy covering up for pedophile priests

    If you haven’t followed the news, the new Pope is an Argentinian Commie himself – who says he doesn’t believe in the Devil…

  3. Walter Knight

    Ever wonder why Chicago tolerates the shootings in the black neighborhoods? Because it’s in the black neighborhoods. Clogging the interstate is great. It puts on full display for the rest of Chicago how close the shit hole is to them.