Chicago Teachers to Kids: We Want More Money, Screw you!

Posted September 16th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

So, the agreement that was, wasn’t. Chicago teachers voted today that the offer on the table just wasn’t enough.  Their greedy hands want more.  These must be the greediest people on Earth  In an age when others are worried about their jobs, they want more, and more, and more…

I say “enough is enough” fire their asses and send them packing. $79,000.00 just isn’t enough!?

But, I’m betting that there’s no one left in Chicago with enough testicular fortitude to fire them and hire some teachers that DO want to work.  Teachers that think of the kids first, not their wallets.  I’d be ashamed to tell anyone I was a Chicago teacher.  But, then, I have some principles that extend beyond gimme, gimme, gimme.  They don’t.  rr


2 Responses to “Chicago Teachers to Kids: We Want More Money, Screw you!”

  1. Tom

    It was the union delegates that voted, obviously they call the shots for the dues paying members. Turned down a 30% increase , are they serious, where will this revenue come from and that does not include the health care, retirement, etc? How many real taxpayers are their in Chicago and why aren’t they screaming? The real taxpayers, if they can, send their children to private school.

  2. Walter Knight

    Maybe the teachers are holding out for combat pay.