Chicago ’68 Welcomes Trump

Posted March 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If it all happened before you were born, – you have absolutely no clue how left-wing politicians and race-baiters stirred up hatreds, fomented and seemed to endorse and sanction Black violence, and how they used it for their political gains in 1968.
Trump Chicago protest podium
Last night in Chicago – and Black Lives Matter proved that those tactics are being replayed 48 years later…..

TO THEIR SHAME,  Republican candidates including Cruz and Rubio attempted to blame Trump for the violence….

…I personally am very disappointed in Ted Cruz,…he has seized the opportunity to lower himself to the level of gutter politics.

Ted Cruz blames Trump

For his part,  I think Trump made the difficult but courageous decision to postpone his appearance….because whatever had happened,…Democrats would have used the images of violence as “proof that Trump is poisonous”….

Trump Chicago protest 2

…yes, politics in 2016 has just sunk to that level,   but MoveOn has been planning for this for years.

Trump Chicago protest 1

Remember that almost all Communist revolutions came on the backs – and then took control – of existing disturbances and protest movements.   Have you forgotten Occupy Wall Street?

Communists are MASTERS at using lies to redirect the anger of the mob.

Obama has done zilch for 7 years to help the economic and social plight of America’s inner city Black populations.

In seven years he’s never even visited an inner city or a Black neighborhood, – until the shooting in a Charleston church.

But now, the commies will direct Black frustration and Black anger at TRUMP?

Black anger misdirected

It makes perfect sense to the mindless mob!

Trump Chicago protest 3

And the “MEDIA” is delighted!

Nothing like violence, riots, and bloodshed to sell TV ratings and ink!

The ‘Truth’ be DAMNED!

Chicago 1968

Nothing happens spontaneously!

Bill Ayers at Trump Rally

Various cell phone videos are emerging of the crowd that night – some nasty young people…some probably being paid…..

6 Responses to “Chicago ’68 Welcomes Trump”

  1. FLICK

    Sharpton, DNC, RNC or ALL OF THE ABOVE?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Make no mistake, these demonstration are carefully orchestrated by the left and even some factions in the right to bring down Donald Trump. The phony Black Lives Matter crowd is easily a focal point, but there are many who are members of this demonstration, be they anarchists, pro Bernie, pro Hillary or anti Trump. They will be fully mobilised for the Cleveland convention, with shades of ’68 looming.


    college professor,Chicago activeness,and arsonists Bill AYERS was there also 50 + years later that pos is still at it. I am sure papa George purchased the signs and paid the demonstrators..

  4. Jim Gettens

    And the Mayor of Chicago is…???

  5. Kojack

    I agree with you Mike that Trump made the right call to postpone the rally but I am outraged that the know-nothing freebie seeking little TURDS were successful in shutting down free speech under the direction of the commies at MoveOn.

    I think The Donald should post “Protesters will NOT be protected – do so at your own risk” signs at his rallies and let his supporters deal with them. The vets I sat with (some real big dudes) at the Tsongas Arena wanted to give the protesters there exactly what they deserved. Too bad they weren’t allowed to.

    Moreover I believe a precedent has been set and this will become an all too common event.

    Rubio, Kasich and especially Cruz have shown that they are just typical politicians.

  6. Hawk1776

    I had flashbacks to 1968. As Yogi said “it’s deja vu all over again”.