Cherry Blossoms & AntiFA In Salem Oregon

Posted March 29th, 2021 by Iron Mike

For the second full year in a row – the insanity continues in Communist Oregon.

George Soros has picked Seattle and Portland as his training grounds,  – his basic training camps for AntiFA and BLM.  He’s been aided and abetted by Communist city councils,  mayors,  prosecutors,  and two utterly spineless governors.

Is this the kind of society the ordinary people in Oregon deserve?

It is what the people of Portland deserve.  TOTALLY!  They re-elected their communists to City Council and re-elected Mayor Ted Wheeler. They apparently believe the AntiFA and BLM propaganda.

Life may become more difficult when the big name manufactures begin to move to more Freedom-Friendly and safer states – like Texas….

Meanwhile,  with our National Village Idiot in the Oval Office and California’s most successful harlot waiting to have him committed,  – the people of the Left Coast are on their own to deal with the Communist anarchists.

For voters fully inculcated in Man-Made Global Warming as an existential threat to the Planet, – a couple hundred AntiFA goons in their black uniforms may not seem like much of a threat….

There will be very long-term consequences for the children and grandchildren of these complacent Oregonian socialists.

The children of the 60s – growing up in the anti-war / anti-Nixon frenzy of the day have consistently voted for the inept,  clumsy,  and thoroughly dishonest left-wing candidatesHumphrey (’68), McGovern (’72), Carter (’76 & ’80), Mondale (’84), Dukakis (’88), Clinton (’92 & ’96), Gore (’00), Kerry (’04), Obama (’08 & ’12), Hillary (’16) and Biden (’20).

If kids today out on the Pacific Coast are being raised on a constant diet of anti-Capitalism,  – of believing the GOVERNMENT should MANDATE $15.oo/ hour and confiscate all guns,  – and that people driving SUVs are destroying the Planet,….then our Constitutional Republic is at serious risk of dissolving under our feet.

What is important for thinking people to grasp is that by paying about 300 AntiFA and BLM thugs, George Soros can cause this much disruption.

When Harris takes over as President – he’ll essentially be running the country.

Aah,…the delicious smells of Cherry Blossoms and Pepper Spray! 

One Response to “Cherry Blossoms & AntiFA In Salem Oregon”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    These Antifa and BLM terrorists have been destroying lives, cities, businesses and property for more than a year, they are still working at destroying everything that they can. They are emboldened because the media, governors and mayors are allowing this to continue with no punishment. They feel that they are in charge now, and they are, as long we allow this violence to continue. These riots besides causing murders, arson, and fear, have resulted in the most expensive property damage in a single year in U.S. insurance history.

    After allowing Antifa and BLM terrorists to burn the country down, with no punishment, FBI Director, Christopher Wray now is vowing to charge those who participated in the Jan 6 Capitol riot with jail time. Many for just walking around in the Capitol. But this corrupt Wray remained silent all summer long during the violence by Antifa and BLM. Our problem is the corrupt politicians that look away and allow these mobs to continue with no repercussions.