Cherokee Squaw Want’um Biden’s VP Job

Posted May 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Her make’um bash Trump audition war-dance for Hillary.
Cherokee Squaw audition for VP
Play’um Senator too hard work,  – her want’um Pale Face Biden’s easy job.

The box-checking fraud who was used to making $350K/year teaching ONE CLASS at Harvard, – is finding being a US Senator way too much work.

She’s looking for that no-show job Joe Biden has now.  So she’s making a lot of noise bashing Trump – hoping to impress Hillary….

As frightening as having Hillary making Supreme Court nominations and being Commander-in-Chief….

.just imagine how inept and ideologically screwed up Warren would be…

Warren wants Joe Biden's gig

And she has nothing to lose

Even if Hillary doesn’t pick her,…she gains ‘stature’ by making anti-Trump noise,….positioning herself for 2020.

This fake squaw will be beating her tom-tom for decades….

Just as Obama picked the Village Idiot as his life insurance policy, Hillary just ~ might ~ pick Warren, – for PRECISELY the same reason!

Stupid Democrat women will just see an all-woman team….

Scary Picture

3 Responses to “Cherokee Squaw Want’um Biden’s VP Job”

  1. Hawk1776

    I hope the Dems in Massachusetts got what they wanted when they elected Lizzie. She’s a left wing, wannabe Indian, moonbat. Trump is right about her record in the Senate; she’s done nothing except shoot off her and endear herself to the left. Do you think Lizzie will be able to ask President Trump for a favor? Doubt it. If Trump is elected how well do you think he’ll work with the Massachusetts delegation?

  2. Patrick

    Disagree. She doesn’t want to VP. Warren is content where she is.

    What she does understand, and what many in our own party seem oblivious to, is that MA is a toss-up. Trump and his stand against illegal immigration will puts lots of states in play. The Democrats are tone deaf on the subject. As evidenced by the 2nd ad that Hillary came out with last week, they just don’t understand how deeply unpopular their sanctuary country/state/city policies really are.

    Our own governor doesn’t get it either.

  3. Panther 6

    EW is such a phony, an idiot, a self seeking dunce and now she is playing the here I am Hillary card. Amazing. Surely the American people can’t be as dumb as the folks in Machusetts.