Cher Bono Pleads To Pelosi For The WALL!

Posted January 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

From her vantage point out on the Communist Coast,  Cher may be having dreaded visions of the 2020 election year.

Her panicked tweets to Pelosi and the Dems may be a clue…

If you’re too young to remember,  Cher has a passing familiarity with the workings of Congress – her former singing partner and husband Sonny went into politics after his divorce from Cher.

He served as Mayor of Palm Springs, then won a seat in Congress. He was a wonderful Republican.

After his death,  his 2nd wife Mary won that seat,  serving from April 1998 to Jan 2013.  While in Congress she met and married Florida Congressman Connie Mack IV.

Cher’s tweets reveal that she is feeling a degree of panic over the shutdown, – which may be unrealistic.

When a strident anti-Trumper is screaming for Pelosi to cave in and give Trump the money,….

….it is an indication that the Hard Left sees no win for them in this issue of supporting illegal Mexicans over US Citizens.

There was a time that Cher was entertaining….

We agree Cher, – if ONLY you could turn back time…

2 Responses to “Cher Bono Pleads To Pelosi For The WALL!”

  1. Walter Knight

    This is scary if Cher makes astute observations.

  2. Sherox

    I agree, Walter. Scary when Cher gets it and Chuck and Nancy don’t.