Chatting With State Rep Jennifer Benson

Posted December 13th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Sunday Morning Folks,

I want to be fair, maybe I’m bending over backwards to do so.  I won’t finish this entry until late Monday night or early Tuesday.  Let me explain.

Tuesday was the Primary for our Special Senate Election here.  I was at my Acton polling site with a sign,  challenging moonbats to think before they vote.  [Most didn’t – ethically challenged Coakley won big followed by über-liberal Capuano].  But for a couple of hours Tuesday morning our State Rep Jen Benson showed up to hold a huge Coakley sign.

Jen Benson, GrandMa Tsongas, and the Kool-Aid Ladies

Jen Benson, GrandMa Tsongas, and the Kool-Aid Ladies

I’ve gotten to know Jen pretty well over the past 20 months, and while she may be a nice enough person,  I find her politics disturbing and her recall of history vacuous.   In a debate last Fall she stated that ‘it took a Supreme Court decision to give women the right to vote’.   Called on it immediately she repeated the assertion.  Guess she’d not heard of the 19th Amendment or young Harry Burn.  Or maybe she studied “revisionist history” at Florida Atlantic.

So Tuesday morning I was chatting with her.  She called me “aggravating” and I had to remind her that she is now an elected official,  and we still have the 1st Amendment.  As we stood in the cold greeting voters I asked her two questions on what should be highly important issues to her – based on her campaign last year.  I was absolutely dumbfounded to hear say she had no knowledge of either issue . . .  

So to be fair I offered her 48 hours to research them and get back to me.  By Wednesday morning I was feeling even more generous – I sent her an e-mail which reiterated my questions and gave her until Monday afternoon to research [10 minutes on Google], form her opinions, and get back to me.  She has both my personal e-mail and my phone number. 

Jennifer, you’ve had five days, – the clock is ticking . . . .

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

She never called:  see:

2 Responses to “Chatting With State Rep Jennifer Benson”

  1. Politicalmadman

    Iron, she will never answer you, why? She doesn’t have to, as she has no threat from any candidate.

  2. VV

    Perhaps if you referred to her as “Madam Brillohead…?”