Charlie, Why Do We Need O’Toole?

Posted July 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Is your gal Colonel Gilpin already in over her head?   Why are you bringing in Seattle’s Police Chief as a ‘consultant’?

O’Toole has been here before – as a state cop,  as ExecSec Public Safety under Weld,  – then Boston Police Commissioner.  Then she went to ‘fix’ the Irish National Police,  – then she became Chief in ooey-gooey Seattle…  Are you easing her into Gilpin’s spot?

What did O’Toole learn in Seattle that would be applicable to our scandal-riddled Mass State Police? They have just 1,300 officers,  – and an admitted 13,000 homeless people living all over the city in squatter tent cities – riddled with filth and drug addiction.

If O’Toole couldn’t clean THAT up,  – what can she do here,  – that Gilpin can’t?

Our MassHole State Legislature JUST passed a budget – which includes $$$ for a new commission to monitor the State Police – for AA/EEO hiring,  – so we can have more dwarf cops and more AA/EEO munchkins,  – of all colors, sizes, and genders….(we have three now).

At RRB,  we are VERY skeptical that a photo-op cop from a libturd city that just passed a $15.oo/hr minimum wage and a $500 head tax on employers can clean up the culture of padding time slips in our Mass State Police.

It sure looks like Charlie Faker is simply putting another layer of high visibility womanhood between him and a problem he should be dealing with personally,…

…but this being an election year,…he wants to LOOK like he’s DONE SOMETHING,  – when all he’s done is put another coat of paint over the rot and the rust.

Charlie we’ve just had a cop shot in the face, and two murdered, even a Police K9 shot…

and you still remain SILENT on getting us the DEATH PENALTY for cop killers?   What kind of a PUSSY are you?

3 Responses to “Charlie, Why Do We Need O’Toole?”

  1. Marc

    Not a big fan of having the death penalty just for cop killers. A cop’s life is no more valuable than anybody else’s life, but the establishment seems to think otherwise. Take Michael Chesna for example. An innocent bystander named Vera Adams was killed in that terrible incident too, but you’d hardly know it for all the attention being given to the dead cop. Doesn’t Vera Adams’ life matter? Will she get a big parade too? Let’s have the death penalty for all murderers, and deliver it swiftly…

  2. Marc

    One more thing. What is it with these senior cop uniforms? They all look like Latin American generals…

  3. Mt Woman

    I thought the same thing about Vera. She was by the account I read, assassinated because she witnessed the murder–no public outcry over her murder. This is wrong as murder, except in self-defense is murder and deserves the immediate death penalty.
    However, the lives of law enforcement should be punished with a different level of judgment in that police put their lives on the line every day to uphold our safety. They put their lives at risk for us.