Charlie Hebdo Remains Defiant!

Posted January 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Who knew? Charlie Hebdo 14 Jan 2015 The French with more courage than an American president?

Gee, maybe our pResident isn’t ‘American‘ after all…?

Charlie Hebdo releases it’s new issue Wednesday, – defiantly picturing Mohammed apologizing for the massacre. 

Of CURSE it will piss off the radicals;  – ANY attempt to picture their caravan raiding pedophile* is considered blasphemy.

If only we had a president who understood honor, courage, – and who would call out EVIL by it’s name!

Josh ErnstJohn Kerry QuibblingYesterday at the WH Briefing, Josh Ernst admitted that they should have ‘sent someone more high profile’ [higher than the slinking Eric Holder]. 

Wanna bet Lurch gets the blame?

* pedophile:  What?  You didn’t know?

Mohammed married his 4th wife – Aisha bint Abu Bakr – when she was just 6 years old. She remained in her father’s tent until she was nine (9) – when Mohammed consumatted the marriage.

Muslims hate it when westerners talk about that part of their prophet’s life….

3 Responses to “Charlie Hebdo Remains Defiant!”

  1. Vic

    Do they offer international subscription?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Charie Hebdot can be purchased on Amazon, but it’s pretty pricy. This satirical, iconoclastic magazine has always been popular in France where they are an equal opportunity satirist. France has deployed over 10,000 army troops and thousands of police around France to protect potential high value targets and Jewish Schools. France has quickly gone from a relatively unarmed country to a heavily armed camp. Will this be our future, as well?

  3. Casey Chapman

    I don’t know much about the magazine, but standing up for free speech is important. I just put an order in on Cafe press for a couple of shirts with the je suis charlie phrase on it. It’s the one with the heart in the middle, with green camo base color on the shirt. The fact that my husband is named Charlie doesn’t hurt.