Charlie Faker’s Liberal Challengers Debate

Posted May 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It was hard to watch – but to defeat your enemy you must know and understand him.  And these two men are even worse domestic enemies than Tall Deval.

If you can stand it,  listen as two young liberal know-it-alls guide the discussion through liberal-friendly issues,  and listen as each response involves spending more money,  reducing prison sentences,  and having the government manipulate the marketplace.
(50 minutes of pain)

Wait until you hear their views on the “Millionaire’s Tax”

Gotta be honest Folks – I didn’t watch the whole thing straight through – I did it in pieces.   Listening to two LibTurds try to “out-progressive” each other was stomach-churning.

But it’s what we’ll be hearing on our TV sets for months;  and listening to Baker’s lying voice trying to counter them will just be additional pain.

Wait until you hear their views on the “Millionaire’s Tax”

On Housing: Gonzalez says “We need a plan…”,…Massie says “Markets don’t work by themselves”…

On Transportation: Masse: “We don’t have to accept technology changes, – we can license, restrict, and slow down…”. (Yeah, he said that!)

On Amazon: Both oppose subsidizing, – maybe Evergreen Solar taught them something?

On Education: “More Money!” “More Money!”

Note the moderators NEVER ASKED about welfare abuse,  illegal aliens,  MS-13,  corruption (Jay’s wife),  reforming the DFC,  reforming the Mass State Police,  unconstitutional gun laws,  rebuilding the electrical grid,  or if either had any plans to encourage industries to relocate to Massachusetts from overseas.

Do Democrats even bother to study Economics?

Instead, “favorite restaurant” and “favorite place” seem like appropriately deep and penetrating political questions.  

God help this once-mighty Commonwealth!


6 Responses to “Charlie Faker’s Liberal Challengers Debate”

  1. integrity 1st

    Just another shady Baker deal. I never thought he would or could be as bad as he actually is. Hope people wake up to Lively being painted as extreme, but really sanity at its best.

    The Globe’s Joan Vennochi says the transaction was a done deal from the day it was first announced last month. “This is a classic Boston story, steeped in insider politics, secrecy, and faux outrage,” she writes, taking swipes at Gov. Charlie Baker, Attorney General Maura Healey and UMass president Marty Meehan. We gotta admit: We’re impressed with the way they shifted the debate away from the merits of UMass-Amherst’s expansion eastward to making Mount Ida out as the bad guy, i.e. the “faux outrage.” It was deftly handled.

  2. Panther 6

    I sadly believe that the once great State that gave me a lovely wife of 55 years is beyond hope.

    Massachusetts is lost and cannot be saved.

  3. Kojack

    THIS IS JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL IN MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSETTS. To be here is to be behind enemy lines.


    The mid-terms this fall will be the acid test as to whether or not things can EVER be turned around here. If not then I’m gonna get the F@#& outta here sooner rather than later and not just because of the climate.

  4. Hawk1776

    I moved to Massachusetts in 1961 and lived there for 55 years. In 2016 I moved to North Carolina which was the smartest thing I ever did. I actually have a Republican representative in the US House and two US Senators. Remarkable.

  5. Marc

    Still intend to follow Charlie “Big Dig” Baker’s lead from the last presidential election and will blank the top of the ticket if he’s the GOP nominee. Given a choice between a democrat and a democrat I’ll take the democrat…



    Or you could write in Scott Lively….

  6. Sonny's Mom

    I’m just glad moonbat Newton mayor Seti Warren won’t be in the race…