Charlie Faker’s Fat Girl Lasted 4 Years

Posted June 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

How many times must we write these stories – of FAT FEMALE STATE BOSSES who blow their job of supervising the people under them?  Olga Roche,  MaryBeth Heffernan,  JudyAnn Bigby,  Andrea Cabral,  Sherri Killins,  and now Erin Deveney of the RMV….

Fat people may do just fine at DESK JOBS (near the lunch room),  – but they UTTERLY FAIL at supervisory jobs which require moving around a facility,  – or around Massachusetts – actually inspecting, supervising, making corrections, and even firing people.

Folks,  we live in a really SMALL STATE – with ( ~ fair ~ ) roads.  You can get anywhere inside our state in under a day.  Charlie Faker’s Department Heads should be making surprise and totally unannounced drop-in inspections EVERY DAMNED WEEK.

But FAT GIRLS don’t like to move…..  Easier to read reports sent by email.  And who cares if the reports are true – you have a piece of paper to cover your ass….


Charlie Faker has spent these past 2½ years slamming Trump every time he sees an open microphone,…

…but all he’s done for us who live here is shuffle Deval Patrick’s left-over fat slobs from one job to another.

Erin used to be at DMV,  – but then Small Deval stuck her at Dept of Children and Families after he reluctantly fired Olga Roche.

Tall Deval brought her back to DMV.

Do you suppose that Tall Deval told young Erin that running the RMV was considered “just a political job” – and all she had to do was generate good news photo-ops…?

We can only guess at how many serial drunks have valid Massachusetts Driver’s Licenses,  and how many illegals also have them and are thus able to vote (illegally – but who’s looking?).

How many Charlie?

UPDATE:  Monday, 1 July 2019   Today Baker is admitting that THOUSANDS of out-of-state violations were NEVER PROCESSED.  The scoff-laws are laughing as they drive down the roads.

7 Responses to “Charlie Faker’s Fat Girl Lasted 4 Years”

  1. Vic

    We were better off with King George.

  2. Peter S

    These people have no clue what it’s truly like outside of their cozy offices.

  3. Peter S

    The MA Legislature is at fault as well. Otherwise, you’re giving “sanctuary” to Sen. Elderidge, who would blame the problems solely on the administration and agencies.

    Agree Peter!

    JamieBoy and the rest of his gay socialist ilk are part of the no-borders globalist movement – under the cover story of being “Progressives”…

    They are traitors to their oaths and to the voters.

  4. Jim Rizoli

    The registry hires latinos and Brazilians and I’m sure others who make sure their illegal immigrant friends get their licenses for a fat sum.

    Jim Rizoli

  5. Christopher Pinto

    Is that the Drunkard, Senator Brady, at the RMV ribbon cutting next to the Fat Democrat?


    And another for the road!

  6. integrity 1st

    Is it confirmed he was an illegal? If not, what were the circumstances of him being here and on our roads?


    He ~ may ~ be here from the Ukraine on a green card – which should have been PULLED after his first 2 DUIs down in Texas…. He also seems to have had a DUI as a youth….

    What MATTERS is he should have had his DRIVER’S LICENSE PULLED!!!

  7. Kojack

    DEVALUE must have had a FAT FETISH!

    Unfortunately, this is MASS-HOLE-A-CHSSETTS, things won’t be getting better any time soon.