Charlie FAKER Selling Us A FAKE Republican

Posted May 28th, 2020 by Iron Mike

He’s no Republican,  – and she’s no “Outsider”!
Granted, that scrawny Brazilian import that works for JamieBoy Eldridge is likely worse,  but when you vote Tuesday you should understand that Clark is really a lifelong Democrat,  and her changing parties does NOT change her views or her values.


Don’t let that anti-Trumper Lockdown Charlie fool you.

Back in March RRB strongly endorsed Malena Chastain, and she won in Acton, Boxborough, and Harvard….

Send Lockdown Charlie a message, and write in Malena this Tuesday!

Malena Chastain
143 Highland St.   Lunenburg

Hint: take a fine-point pen (black) with you to write her name as shown.

A few folks wrote Chastain in, but hardly enough.  The Democrat won by 73%.   Clark only won in her home town – Lunenburg – by just 51.3%…

Charlie’s support is meaningless.


7 Responses to “Charlie FAKER Selling Us A FAKE Republican”


    Good for you Mike. This RINO won the primary with help from Dean Tran and Frank Ardinger. What’s up with that?
    Over several years Frank Ardinger has given thousands of dollars to Charlie Baker to help him get elected, and reelected, and Dean Tran has supported Baker too. Committee Man Ardinger voted in 2017 for Kirsten Hughes another Baker RINO to head the MA GOP instead of voting for the conservative anti-tax Steven Aylward. Dean was recently stripped of his leadership position as assistant minority whip by a bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee. Dean and Frank are both going to be on the ballot this year. I will vote for Trump, but not for a single RINO down ballot.


  2. Jim Buba

    Just how many more days until the Governor resigns to switch parties and run for President in 2024?

  3. Kilsyth

    Once again, Lockdown Charlie and another of his proteges demonstrate that they believe the “rules” don’t apply to them: masks in public? social distancing?

  4. Cathy Clark

    Unfortunately for you your wrong:). Not only have I been a member of the Republican Party for a number of years, I have helped build my RTC , have been a delegate to the convention and helped fight the gas tax as well as supported many Republicans Including helping Senator Tran get elected over the years. I have also voted and supported our president. I also for the past 12 yrs Have helped electric ratepayers as well as challenged Unitil and helped bring change with storm legislation. I support 2a, lowering taxes and am an actual taxpayer in MA all of my adult life.

    Unfortunate you believe what is told to you, I suggest you check your “sources” .. I look forward to representing the people of the 37th district and hope that all republicans come out Tuesday to show they not only aren’t afraid to go to the polls but because I will best represent their interest.

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    So WHICH is it Ms. Clark?

    “Political OUTSIDER” – or “I been a member of the Republican Party for a number of years…”?

    We call ’em like we see ’em here at RRB, and a quick search of the OCPF public files show you to be a 4-time contributor to Democrat Stephen DiNatale…

    Republicans DON’T give money to Democrats – EVER!

    You’ve also given money to RiNO Sheila Harrington and LtGov Arm Candy, and $200 to FAKER himself.

    We would have enjoyed reading your campaign WEB PAGE to see what your various positions were on such key REPUBLICAN issues like:

    Being Pro-LIFE
    Our 2nd Amendment and Maura Healey’s illegal edicts
    Immigration and Illegal Aliens and Sanctuary Cities
    Government Spending
    Re-electing President Trump
    Building the Border Wall
    Government Spending
    Dealing with China
    Reopening Massachusetts….
    Bringing manufacturing back to Massachusetts…

    BUT, we couldn’t find your website…. WHERE IS IT?

    Your FACEBOOK page is a NOTHING BURGER! It doesn’t tell voters anything about you except that you cannot find (or afford) a hairdresser…

    We don’t even know what you’ve done for a living.

    Sorry, a picture of a gazebo doesn’t tell us a fucking THING about your politics, – but picture of Charlie FAKER hugging you sure does!

    BTW: You meant to type you’re, – not your…

  5. Donna Allard

    All RINO’s must go. I hate to say it but if faker baker supports someone, we probably don’t want them in office either.

  6. Pierre Delecto

    I like all these people mentioned in the responses. Cathy Clark, Charlie Baker + Arm Candy Polito, Frank Ardinger, Dean Tran, Stephen Dinatale, Sheila Harrington, Maura Healey, Illegal aliens, and I like Uncle Joe too. Well any how don’t forget to vote.



    Cathys friends from Fitchburg & Leominster which are outside of the district must not be able to drag her across the finish line, and I guess Fakers endorsement isn’t enough to capture this State rep seat either. In desperation they now have Ron Kaufman’s endorsement. As Cathy and her non district friends get more desperate will they be trying to get the endorsement of the big RINO Romney next????
    A couple RINO’s in the Luneburg/ Acton area will vote, but all the real Republicans will stay home. Even all these out of town RINO’s can’t help Cathy win.