Charlie FAKER: Self-Serving Hypocrite!

Posted April 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Our Trump-hating MassHole RiNO governor has shut down the entire state; – schools, businesses, large gatherings – “all for our health and safety”,  – to keep us at least 6 feet apart

No unnecessary travel (except his trip – WITH ENTOURAGE) to Logan to photo-bomb the arrival of Bob Kraft’s plane bringing masks from China…
MEANWHILE,  out in Littleton,  old people were dying like flies of Coronavirus in an unsupervised nursing home…

Faker sent in the guard – riding in rented civilian vans – because the sight of a convoy of Army Field Ambulances driving down I-495 and then Foster Street might have alarmed the citizenry…

And by the way Charlie,…where’s LtGov Arm Candy these days.   Is she invisible?

I remember back in February 2014,  – when Charlie looked down his nose at me and said:  “I don’t think I’m you’re kind of Republican”.

Probably the only time in decades he’s told anybody the TRUTH!


2 Responses to “Charlie FAKER: Self-Serving Hypocrite!”


    Charlie Baker is a self serving RINO.

    AJ court date: If this is true the poor woman who’s breasts where allegedly touched must be going thru hell every day knowing that this issue will probably never make it to a court room. Thank you Mike for not letting this issue go away. Shame on the courts, and local media for not pursuing this matter.

    Real Republicas need to stop voting for RINO’s.

  2. Stubby Buddy

    chuckles is NOBODY’s kind of Republican.