Charlie FAKER Revels In 66±%?

Posted September 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

We may never know how many ‘unenrolled’ Democrats pulled a Republican Ballot yesterday,  – to vote for the anti-Gun / anti-Trump ‘Republican’…but Charlie won the Primary with 66±% sort of

Now the only way he can win a 2nd term is to out-Democrat Jay Gonzales, – who will have national support,  and who isn’t as reviled as Coakley was in 2014.   Long ago Baker turned his back on Conservatives,  choosing to ally himself with Planned Murderhood, the LGTBQ faction,  and the anti-gun lobby. He won THEM over,  – but lost a critical 1/3 of the Republican vote – who are most likely to write-in Scott Lively’s name on November 6th.
Too bad you burned your bridges to President Trump Charlie.

5 Responses to “Charlie FAKER Revels In 66±%?”

  1. Marc

    Well, I won’t be voting for Baker in November.

  2. Marc

    One more thing. Did you see the primary election numbers? Baker got about 156,000 primary votes. His Democrat opponent Jay Gonzalez got about 324,000 primary votes. If the same voting ratio holds in November, the Baker administration is going to be history!


    Sometimes Marc,…it’s the only way to punish a sleazy politician who lies to the voters to get into office….

  3. Leonard Mead


    I was wondering how to summarize the meaning of Scott Lively’s result winning about DOUBLE the conservative votes usually made for a real conservative running in Taxachusetts.

    You did it for me. Well done.

    Another three weeks and I pack up to return to my new home state – FLORIDA.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative
    Apollo Beach, FL


    All we poor MassHoles can do now Len – is back Diehl and McMahon to the hilt, – so Governor Gonzales doesn’t have allies in the Senate and the AG’s office!

  4. Clinton ma Tea party

    Dielh did his job well to get the people to the polls so they could make sure while people would vote for Diehl to make sure Crazy Warren has opposition than could beat her in November.  Dielh made sure to not endorse Lively but Dielh did endorse Baker. Dielh said he supports President Trump but never talks about the President.  Dielh is a part of the Bush, Kaufman , Romney kabal to try to take out President Trump in the next election. The evil political plan of the deep state worked brilliantly for the Evil un American Bastards.

  5. Kojack

    Clinton Ma Tea Party – FYI – DIEHL WAS THE 1ST MA POLITICIAN TO ENDORSE TRUMP AND HEADED THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN IN MA. He more than anyone else defeated the automatic gas tax and opposed the MA legislature pay raise. When he was given a bonus he gave the money to charity.

    Your claim that he is somehow connected to RiNOs Bush, Chocolate Pants and Romney COULD NOT BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH! What do you plan to do, support LIE-A-WATHA?!?!?