Charlie FAKER Kneels Before BLM Thugs

Posted July 1st, 2020 by Iron Mike

Statue by Statue – the insurgent Commies are dismantling our History and our Culture,  – and will soon DEMAND that our Constitution be declared “RACIST”,  – because so many who signed it were slave owners. Too bad we don’t have a Republican Governor.

3 Responses to “Charlie FAKER Kneels Before BLM Thugs”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    “Please watch this video from beginning to end. The parallels with what is going on now is frightening.

    I believe our enemies, some of which are Communist China, the Democrat party, many of the Republican “leaders,” the UN, the WHO, the Gates Foundation, the New World Order, the globalists, and Liberals, are softening up America. I mean in the Nazi way. There is chaos in our streets, assassinations, break down of law and order, the so-called spontaneous riots, and the Socialist indoctrination of our children in our schools and colleges. These have made us ripe for invasion.

    Look around during this Fourth of July weekend: we should be celebrating our independence and freedom but instead we are following our Communist China owned governors and mayors. We are being told that we must obey them or be forced to obey them.

    The claim that a virus is causing all this communist activity in our country is simply not true. The true cause is the evil leaders and traitors to our country. WAKE UP! We all must remember we are not a bunch of different races in America: we are one race AMERICANS.

    Our enemies want to divide us so they can conquer us and rule us. Remember that. We can never let them divide us again. America be ready to stand up for our Constitution, demand and take back our freedoms, and fight against tyranny in ever form. ” Clinton MA Teaparty

  2. Kojack

    “Too bad we don’t have a Republican Governor.”

    Too bad we don’t have a Republican anything here in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS

  3. Sherox

    These are unelected imbeciles who made this decision. If someone wanted to put something up, there would be an endless public process. But, no! Not for this! Who paid for this statue? Publicly funded? Privately funded? Where is their recompense?