Charlie Faker Has A Toady Fired!

Posted August 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

We can assume Thomas Bowes of Braintree (he’s a city councilor there) isn’t much good because he wanted / needed that $113,231 / year income.…  If only he’d just have actually done his job….

But, he didn’t.    DUIs from out of state piled up – sorted and stored in 53 bins at the Quincy office,  BUT N-E-V-E-R ENTERED INTO THE SYSTEM…until the inevitable high-profile tragedy.  These same fools want RED FLAG LAWS? 

OK, sure, Bowes proved to be incompetent at his basic job – overseeing the operations of the Merit Rating Board of the RMV.

There’s a good possibility that the importance of processing out-of-state DUIs and pulling Driver’s Licenses of dangerous habitual drunks never registered in his brain.

He was just glad to have a Director’s Title in an air-conditioned office, and wear a suit to work.

After selling insurance for 30 years, it probably felt good to have a regular salary.

Now THINK:  How incompetent was the fat lady Faker put in as Bowes’ boss?  Why did she never get off her fat ass and see how things were being done?

Since the scandal broke, the RMV has quickly pulled over 2,800 licenses of habitual drunks – making our roads a ~ little ~ safer.

Does anybody out there reading this really want to trust Massachusetts (or any state) to run a RED FLAG PROGRAM for “possibly dangerous gun owners”…?

REMEMBER: The very same Liberals who would report you as “a possibly dangerous gun owner”,  – are harboring KNOWN CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS!

2 Responses to “Charlie Faker Has A Toady Fired!”

  1. Aloha Snackbar

    If the red flag laws were made, you bet those would be entered. I don’t trust MA government to do anything right. Look at the DSS, DYSS, RMV, welfare, MA Health, etc. How much is anyone in any of those departments or the legislature looking after the money that the taxpayers are forced to pay? Not one person.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    And Bowes’s attorney was heard to say that Bowes shouldn’t be singled out because this has been going on for years!