Charlie Baker’s Über-Liberal Past

Posted September 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

I’m sure the so-called ‘Republican front-runner’ is counting on you to have forgotten his collaboration with the enemy.Charlie Baker helped Deval Patrick
Yep, that was 2006, and Mister “Together We Can” had just beaten Muffy for the corner office.  Who steps up to ‘help the transition’ – but Mister Liberal Himself – Charlie Baker.
Was he helping Deval Patrick, – or helping himself?

Don’t be fooled by the media Massachusetts, there is only one (1) Republican / Conservative in this race – Mark Fisher!

Charlie Baker all about himselfPolitically and philosophically, Charlie Baker is on the SAME LIBERAL SIDE as Deval Patrick, Martha Coakley, Berwick, Grossman, and all the other ?ber-liberals.

He’s just another big-government know-it-all.

His core political value is “Charlie Baker”.

One Response to “Charlie Baker’s Über-Liberal Past”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Mark Fisher has our vote. I am sick to death of these Rinos that the state party keeps putting forth. If they don’t put somebody, anybody forth who can be seen as being even a little different from the dumbocrats……….is it any wonder a lot of Republicans no longer bother to vote.