Charlie Baker’s Three Treasonous Words

Posted November 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If you missed it on TV,  brace yourself.  BARFWORTHY!    Baker’s old boss – Mitt Romney – is a shoe-in to win the Senate seat out in Utah Tuesday.  Together with Baker and the Squaw,  – they plan to make 2019 miserable for Trump,  – then hit the hustings in Iowa and New Hampshire in early 2020.

Baker deserves to be defeated Tuesday,   but don’t vote for Gonzalez, – he’s also a snake.  Write in Scott Lively.

2 Responses to “Charlie Baker’s Three Treasonous Words”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    Charlie Baker should have to give back all the money that he is received as a Republican after all he is not a Republican at all. And yes I also think that he is planning with Ron Kaufman and met Romney and the rest of the fake top a Massachusetts to be a pain in trump’s a** during the next election

  2. Catherine

    He is even MORE despicable than Gonzalez. He, at least, is staying true to the anti-American tenets of the socialist left.

    There is NO excuse – not even pandering to the leftist votes he will need to stay in office – for verbal attacks on the man who has done more to restore this country (MAGA!) than anyone in a hundred years.

    Anyone who gives so much as a nickel to massgop should be exposed to truth until they get a clue.