Charlie Baker’s Glum Sunday Morning

Posted November 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Our Smart-Ass Elitist RiNO Governor was SO VERY PUBLIC – in his disdain for Trump – he had to tell the whole world he left his ballot BLANK….
Then as if by magic – or Karma – from Tuesday to Wednesday the Future of America changed from what all the smart-asses predicted. How many losers did Charlie Baker endorse…? Jeb? Christie? Anybody but the guy who the voters wanted…

OK Charlie, – we at RRB readily admit that the voters are often wrong….Dukakis, Clinton, Obama,…Maura Healey….


But you are ~ supposed ~ to be a Republican,  and the KEY ISSUE this election was and still is the Supreme Court.  

So why were you acting like a spoiled child?

If our state is in trouble during these next two years,  – how quickly is President Trump going to take a call from someone who showed him such public loathing?

You don’t really expect Trump to come vacationing on the Vineyard each summer like Obama,  – do you…?

Are you really planning on running for a second term Charlie?

Here’s a suggestion for your campaign song….

Oh, BTW,…how much longer are you going to put up with that snotty empty-headed Chair-Mouse?

MassGOP Mouseketeer  Kirsten Hughes


7 Responses to “Charlie Baker’s Glum Sunday Morning”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Mike: Did you get the e-mail from MassGOP Chair K Mouse Hughes the day after the election? She said it was all GREAT!!

    Yeah, cited how they picked up one open seat on the Cape for a state rep.

    BUT, she failed to mention that she left more than 160 Democrat-held senate and house seats uncontested, again.

    AND, she failed to mention that the Republicans LOST the Essex County sheriff race (formerly held by a Republican).

    AND, she failed to mention that the only two Republican challengers to Gov. Baker’s Gov’s Council lost.

    AND, she failed to mention that you couldn’t get a Trump sign from any of the so-called Republican “Victory Offices” around he state, because she and Baker didn’t like Trump.

    Oh, the list goes on and on with this gal. And, what’s worse, they MessGOP will re-elect her. Results don’t matter. Trophies for everyone.

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    p.s. LOVE the Supreme Court photoshop pic!

    Lonnie, I’ve been off her email list for years…..

    These bastards – their ONLY state-wide ‘Republican Message’ was (Shhh, we hate Trump…Shhh!)

    Mouseketeer's Facebook profile

  3. Ron Motta

    Concept was this simple He (like ALL of the RINO’s in the party) were totally certain that Trump would get murdered. As a result, he wanted to get in front of it and position himself as the frontrunner in 2020, using his disdain for Trump as a bartering chip for the nomination. He took his best shot, and he is done for on a national basis. He’ll have his hands full with “lefty” Healy when he comes up for reelection!.

  4. Hawk1776

    Could be a lean four years for Massachusetts with no Republican Congressmen or Senators. It’s a good thing Baker was a strong Trump supporter. Oh wait. Never mind. I guess you’ll have to rely on Lizzie Warren’s solid personal relationship with Trump.

  5. Sherox

    The time is now to finish the Republican party as it is and to start it from the ground up. If the true Republicans do not take control of the party now, then they only have themselves to blame.

  6. Sherox

    Here is a link that gives some way for the GOP to stop the Democrats

  7. Clinton ma tea party