Charlie Baker’s Bathroom Bill Betrayal

Posted May 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Remember when Charlie Baker used his daughter to sell his pro-Abortion positions back 2014?  Now he’s putting her at risk,  – and your family members with her!
Charlie Baker Campaign ad with sex offender
He’s about to sign the Transgender Bathroom Bill which essentially will let any pervert including registered sex offenders – use public ladies rooms and shower facilities.

To hear liberals tell it, the poor misfortunate transgendered and hermaphrodite people of our country have suffered grievous indignities in stoic silence for a hundred years – waiting to be accepted – even welcomed – into the public restrooms of their choosing….

The left’s lunatic fringe even equate that suffering – [ .003% of the population ~ maybe ~ ] – with the outrages of slavery….

So – to appease this embattled and long suffering .003% of our population – whose suffering never made it into the History Books or was ever addressed in the Federalist Papers,…Charlie will give the GREEN LIGHT to all the perverts in the Commonwealth – and let the cops and the courts deal with the problems – case-by-case, and all at TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

So much for common sense…..

So much for protecting our women and children…..

Tell us governor

Where will Charlie Baker be when the first outraged dad or husband beats the living crap out of a pervert who invaded his family’s moment of privacy in a restroom?

Baker,…are you SO FRIKKIN STUPID that you really can’t envision the unintended consequences of this reckless and unnecessary law?

Oh,  that face in the photo with Baker and his daughter?  Just a convicted child molester who lives in HIS home town of Swampscott.  Charlie, does your daughter go to Starbucks?  Is she armed?

Call Charlie in Boston:         617 725-4005
Call his Springfield Office:   413 784-1200

7 Responses to “Charlie Baker’s Bathroom Bill Betrayal”

  1. Kathleen

    What does anybody expect from this damn state. Worst decision of my life was moving here. This is not just a liberal state, it is filled with asses who rather consider themselves PC then protect our children. Shame on them.

  2. Leonard Mead

    COME ON DOWN TO FLORIDA! I waited over 70 years to get out. Waited MUCH TOO LONG!
    Len Mead, Apollo Beach FL

  3. #blackgunsmatter

    Charlie Baker is a fraud. I’m so upset at his behavior as governor. What a disgrace. I plan on moving out of this state in the next couple of years and I won’t look back at all. Obama has enabled this sort if social acceptance, thus creating social instability. Trump is our only hope right now.

  4. Hawk1776

    I’m disappointed but not surprised. All it will take to deflate this cause de jour is for a bunch of high school boys to insist on using the girl’s locker room. Under the law they have the right to use it. I wonder how that will play with the girl’s liberal parents.

  5. Jim Gettens

    Charles D. Baker, Jr.–“Squatting Towards Gomorrah” (Apologies to the late, great Judge Robert H. Bork for altering the title of his famous book).

    No surprise here from Gutless Charles D.–Waaaay back he said “I am to the Left of Obama on social issues.”

    Baker-Polito–“One and Done.” Good riddance in 2018!!!

  6. Sherox

    When the politicians daughters and wives are affected by this perversion, then, and only then, will things change.

  7. Hunter556

    Pols wives and daughters don’t live among the trash the liberals have forced upon us…..they send their bodyguards to Target to do their shopping….the only people this hurts is what’s left of the sane middle class.