Charlie Baker, Were You Watching Today?

Posted July 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Like so many of you,  I wish Jeff Sessions was moving faster to clean up the leftist-infested DOJ and FBI.   But God Bless him,  today Jeff delivered a slap to Charlie Faker and Mayor Walsh,  – in true Southern Gentleman style!

Seems the Feds have a Task Force working to round up the ‘worst first’ – the illegals who have figured out how to live on the US Treasury.  They rounded up 28 – and there was nothing Baker or Walsh could do;  – they weren’t even invited to the party.

No “separating children from families” in this story,  – just separating clever and brazen felons from the Government teat.

Sounds like Boston – perhaps because of the attitudes of Baker,  our sue-happy lesbian AG Maura Healey,  and Mayor Walsh,  – and others,  – is about to get 5 more US Attorneys to work the case-load.

Having lived many years in the South,  I can recognize a slap in the face when I see it being delivered.  Baker just got bitch-slapped like a hooker in a 1920s silent movie.

Sessions is a gentleman.  He’ll let this lesson sink in before he starts arresting some of our more notorious “Sanctuary City” mayors….

3 Responses to “Charlie Baker, Were You Watching Today?”

  1. Paul J Baldi

    Republican governors circulated a letter this week endorsing
    Mr. Kavanaugh for the SCOTUS; Charlie refused to sign it.
    Next day Jeff Sessions shows up and slam dunks the Massholes
    in Boston. How sweet it is!


    NOTE: Baker never bothered to SAY what he found lacking in Judge Kavanaugh, – he was just thumbing his nose at Trump.

    Can’t wait for Baker’s day of Karma…

  2. Panther 6

    Maybe there is hope for Sessions yet. This is a good start but needs to be done all around the Nation. The milking of the treausry has got to be stopped.

  3. Sherox

    Panther 6, me too. My patience is just about worn out.