Charlie Baker Plays Musical Chicks

Posted March 10th, 2015 by Iron Mike

BREAKING: Our new “Republican” Governor Baker is recycling Deval Patrick’s crew of fat ladies:Musical Fat Ladies
Erin Deveney
will return to the Registry of Motor Vehicles after her brief stint replacing Olga Roche at DFC last year.

Celia Blue who had been running RMV on an interim basis will resume her #2 spot under Erin,  who was replaced by yet another Deval Patrick Fat lady – Linda Spears at DCF,  when Charlie Baker took office in January.

Linda Spears DCF
Spears had led the audit of DFC under Deval Patrick….

Imagine that…

Charlie, can’t you find any ladies of a healthy weight?


3 Responses to “Charlie Baker Plays Musical Chicks”

  1. Walter Knight

    What do you want, a young wispy skinny girl that will blow away with the slightest breeze of trouble, or a big solid woman who will still be there if a hurricane of controversy hits?

  2. KarenG

    His hiring of overweight women does not trouble me as much as the fact that they are recycled Democrat hack leftovers from one of the worst administrations this state has ever (barely) survived. I may be off by one or two, but I don’t think Charlie has appointed a Republican to any position of importance since he was elected — it is completely frustrating…So much for a fresh start.

    Fat ones tend to have emotional problems,…which make them unfit as managers.

  3. KarenG

    You make a valid point…