Charlie Baker Muzzles A Key Witness

Posted November 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

She’s a FAKE Republican,  – was Chair of the RiNO-infested MassGOP for 7 critical years,  – when huge sums of money was diverted and more squandered, – and she held two corrupt state conventions resulting in TWO MASSIVE LAWSUITS…

…so to keep her happy,  out of sight,  and QUIET, – Charlie Baker just named Kirsten Hughes (aka the Mouseketeer) to be a Municipal Clerk Magistrate (judge) in Stoughton, – salary $152,000 a year.

Hughes will have to be OKed by the rubber-stamp Governor’s Council,  – and she may have to answer some questions for US Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling…about who got what money during her years at the MassGOP.   

The new MassGOP Chair – Jim Lyons has had an AUDIT done, – and is filing a criminal complaint….

Maybe Baker is guessing that by making her a Judge he can shield her from the DOJ?

After all, – it’s been how long (16 months) since his son “A.J.” was arrested for groping a fellow passenger’s breasts on Jet Blue Flight 1354.

The Boston Globe spent several years calling the anti-Trump Baker “The most popular Governor in America”.  He was “presidential timber”.

That was before the scandals began piling up.   

Now Baker is hoping $152K a year will keep one witness quiet,  – at least beyond the Statute of Limitations.

And YES,  – a Clerk Magistrate is appointed…for LIFE!

4 Responses to “Charlie Baker Muzzles A Key Witness”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    ” Jennie Caissie of Oxford was the lone Republican on the council this term, but she resigned after Baker nominated her for clerk magistrate of Dudley District Court and her colleagues confirmed her nomination.”

    Just so you know. Great lifetime appointments with tremendous retirement benefits, after another world-wide search for the best candidates – nope.

  2. John

    Why do all the demon crates look ugly and evil?

  3. Michael W Dane

    Has the Commonwealth of MA ever had a worse Governor?

  4. Kojack

    Michael – TALL DEVALue = SMALL DEVALue

    As long as:

    – CORRUPT MASSHOLE DEMONRATS pull the strings of the RiNO-INFESTED MassGOP and rich white guilt ridden lib-TURDs fund it.
    – the NEA runs the public faux school indoctrination system turning out Marxist oriented DUMMYCRAP SNOWFLAKES at a furious pace.
    – the MASS-HOLES keep re-electing the same corrupt politicians simply because they have the obligatory all important D next to their names on a ballot prited in 4 or 5 different langauges.

    MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS will never change.