Charlie Baker Is Michael Bloomberg’s Bitch

Posted May 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Billionaire ex-NYC Mayor (who halted NYC’s life-saving Stop & Frisk program) has spent the last few years sprinkling his wealth around the country,  – image-building and buying left-wing anti-gun candidates.

Here in Massachusetts he dropped $50 Million on a Museum of Science exhibit,  another $490K to keep kids in sub-standard union schools,  and just $1,000.oo to get Baker-Polito elected in 2014.

Of course it’s hard to trace how that Great Schools PAC spent their Bloomberg cash….but you can guess much of it found it’s way to Baker’s campaign through the back door.

Maybe THAT explains Baker’s strange silence when his rogue AG Healey goes after our gun rights.  Has Baker sold us out for Bloomberg Cash?

Does that $5,000.oo he dropped on the RiNO-infested MassGOP in 2014 help explain the Mouseketeer’s total aversion to guns and our 2nd Amendment?

Did Bloomberg buy her too…?

Cheap whore;….Stormy Daniels got $130,000.oo.

If you are a Conservative or a Republican living here in Marxachusetts,  – understand that the MassGOP is a stealth extension of the Democrat Party.

While there are some very worthy Patriots there among those 80 elected members,  the voting majority are infiltrators.

Judge the Governor not by his words,  – but by who he is associated with, – who he takes money from,  – and by the things we expect an honest Republican governor to be doing,  – as Baker sits on his hands.

Oligarchy:   Aristotle used the term oligarchia to designate the rule of the few when it was exercised not by the best – but by bad men unjustly.

2 Responses to “Charlie Baker Is Michael Bloomberg’s Bitch”

  1. John

    Power hungry traitors devoid of any real conviction

  2. Joshua Norman

    Mike, for what it is worth, Bloomberg’s donation was to the Yes on 2 Pro-Charter School Group. He donated to the people who wanted to free the kids from the sub-standard union schools.

    But, yeah, he’s still a pro-Baker, pro-gun grabbing, big government elitist who thinks he knows better than us.