Charlie Baker In Chelmsford

Posted February 8th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Charlie Baker Candidate for Governor, had a chance to talk – briefly – with some frustrated Massachusetts Republicans Friday nite at the Chelmsford RTC’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.
Charlie Baker In Chelmsford
Your humble RRB bloggers had a nice chat with him too, – and he agreed to a sit-down interview, – although he was a tad skeptical, – saying that I struck him as being hard to convince.  I explained that I really don’t want ‘See No Evil Coakley’ as our next governor;  – but I don’t want  him to be just a little better,  – I want him to be a LOT BETTER!

Charlie Baker at CRTC Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

To his credit he seemed more relaxed with people than 4 years ago, gave more direct answers, – and when called to the floor at the end of the evening – gave a much better talk than I’ve ever heard from him before [he had to follow Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin and Ed King].
CRTC Lincoln Reagan Dinner 2014
He’s got my email addresses and phone number – and a copy of Hello Charlie

The ball is totally in his court now;…does he have the courage to sit for an interview…?  

Is he really ready to be our governor?  Can he start to repair the Deval damage and start bringing real manufacturing jobs back to Massachusetts?

Or will we be stuck with ‘See No Evil Coakley’?Coakley Never Saw This

8 Responses to “Charlie Baker In Chelmsford”

  1. Walter Knight

    If he won’t do an interview, interview me.

  2. Chris

    We really need to hear from a candidate that they will protect the rights of the hard working, tax paying, law abiding gun owners for once.

    If all the rights are given to the illegal immigrant, EBT dependent, gang bangers, WHAT REASON is there to stay around Massachusetts?

  3. Varvara

    Talking with Charlie Baker last night I was surprised that he stayed so long and talked with many people. I asked a great many questions and while we talked he told me that he supported the 2nd Amendment and did not support driver licenses for illegals. He talked about too many EBT cards and abortions. And…. he remembered my name.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Aside from what the above comments say, I think, that if Charlie has the honor of winning——He needs to clean house up there on “Bacon” Hill. Get rid of all the do nothing bureaucrats and hackers.

  5. Ralphyboy

    Glad to hear that Mr. Baker was much more relaxed and more direct on his answers. But, all candidates, generally and typically, most conservative, need to own up to the fact that the Tea Party folks are the first line of assistance when ask to help on individual campaigns. If the candidate(s) are not willing to recognize and address that, many TP members may just support the candidate who does care about smaller Government, lower taxes, second amendment rights, fix illegal immigration, and most importantly, our U.S. Constitution, as it is written.

  6. Vincent Picarello

    I would like to hear or see an interview with Charlie

  7. Kim

    I look forward to the interview, Mike.

  8. Jim Ettwein

    Charlie was a different Charlie than the last campaign. He was relaxed. He listened. He engaged as many as he could. And, as Barbara mentioned, he remembered names. What could make him a great candidate would be to embrace the real hard issues facing MA people today.
    1. The DCF scandals that seem to be ongoing and growing daily.
    2. The awful business climate in this state and what he would do to mitigate it.
    3. Describe what he’d do to restore freedom to all of us. Whether that means EBT reform, Voter ID, Opting out of OCare. Whatever.
    Bonus: How he’d simplify the decor in the corner office… and make it the people’s office. (Not in the communist sense, but add a sense of symbolic “everyman” to it.