Change We Can Believe In? Think again.

Posted April 17th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

Obama campaigned on a platform of change. Change to make America better. He has been in office for 3 months… let’s look at the changes that he’s enabled to our country…
We have begun discussions with Cuba on relaxing the restrictions on trade with this dictatorship
We have apologized to Europe for our actions in the world
We have watched the government label conservatives and returning military veterans as terrorists
We have seen the stock market tumble to new lows
We have seen budgets that have saddled our children and grandchildren with a lifetime of debt
We have a President that doesn’t even know that hundreds of thousands of American participated in rallies against bigger government

See this video for information on broken promises… …The Obameter

We have announced the closure of the main prison housing terrorists, without a clear plan on where the inmates will be housed
We have a government proposing new taxes on all Americans
We have seen a President who removes religious symbols from places where he is slated to speak
The government has pledged to bailout businesses that deserve to fail… they are making products that Americans don’t want to buy and to perpetuate them in business is a failing policy
We have begun appeasement processes with Mexico… the major cause of our illegal immigration problem
We have a President who cannot seem to appoint cabinet officers or senior officials without major controversy
We have seen gas prices start to rise again. And again.
We have a Secretary of Homeland Security who is out of touch with the American public
We have a Secretary of the Treasury trying to fix the problem that he participated in creating
We have a President who is dismantling out own Department of Defense by limiting the budget, the same way Carter and Clinton did

……..change we can believe in?  Perhaps… but, not change we want.


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