CHANGE! Baker Never Saw It Coming…

Posted April 8th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is a change sweeping across the land – under many names; “Restorative Justice”,  “Reparations”,  “Victim-Offender Mediation”, etc…

Leading the charge are fuzzy-headed academics,  and a host of recently elected Black and Hispanic prosecutors,  – like Kim Foxx in Chicago and Rachael Rollins in Boston.

Connect the DOTS! The decision in Chicago to let “Hate Crime Hoaxter” Jussie Smollett off is part of a nationwide movement.  Honest Citizens lose!

With canceled checks, video-tape evidence, and a trail of text messages,  PLUS two cooperating witnesses, – the nation was shocked when Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx let Jussie Smollett off the hook – scot free.

Restorative Justice” appeals to a segment of our Black Community who have been taught for several generations that they are the perpetual victims of White Racism and White Oppression,  – that they are systematically treated differently from white criminals….

Rachael Rollins campaigned last year on a platform of Restorative Justice and a pledge not to prosecute a host of “minor street crimes”…  That suited Boston’s Black voters.  She won!

So did Kim Foxx out in Chicago,  – where there were there is ongoing gang warfare.  In 2018 there were 2,962 people shot / 589 people murdered.

MEANWHILE….back on Beacon Hill….

Following his November reelection, Charlie Baker’s ears were still burning with the criticism leveled at his ExecSec of Public Safety – Dan Bennett,  – who during his four years had failed to find and clean up the State Police overtime racket.

Baker brought in his Director of Prisons – Thomas A. Turco III to replace Bennett in December.

It was Turco’s letter to Rollins that started the fight,  and Tom ~ probably ~ had failed to clear it with Baker first…. Oops!

So when Rollins pointed out – PUBLICLY – that Baker’s son A.J. STILL hasn’t faced a judge for molesting a female passenger on JetBlue last summer,  – she was hitting the unequal justice nail on the head.

We’re told by Rollins that Baker called for a private sit-down, – and they’ve now made peace.

So is Charlie now OK with letting Black shoplifters and drug pushers off the Hook in Boston?

Has the idea of Victim-Offender Mediation suddenly appealed to the Baker Family?

Charlie,  you still think you’d be a better President than Trump?

2 Responses to “CHANGE! Baker Never Saw It Coming…”

  1. integrity 1st

    It has been a while since I didn’t cringe at the mention of Baker’s name (after voting for him the first time), but he keeps hitting new lows that make him all the more repulsive to those paying attention. The problem is, far too many aren’t paying attention. Thanks for what you do to out him. Hope it reaches a screeching pitch to get rid of this guy from any level of politics, but just look at his mentor Weld. Still won’t go away. Disgust never seems to translate into getting rid of these people, and I don’t understand why except their putridness just isn’t kept in the limelight enough to connect all the dots. Mainstream, of course, not helping at all.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins’ loose arrest policy poses a danger for all of us. Her agenda will lead to higher crime, and endanger the lives of law-abiding citizens.

    The crime rate in Suffolk County will skyrocket. Rollins is letting dangerous criminals out on our streets and into our neighborhoods. Crimes, such as drug possession, drug dealing, trespassing, breaking and entering, destruction of property, shoplifting and resisting arrest will no longer be prosecuted. Governor Baker is going along with this very dangerous plan. This social justice disciplinary policy does not work!

    Let’s go back to February 14, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida. Nikolas Cruz was responsible for the lives lost on that horrific day. But his killing spree might never have happened if not for a progressive, social justice experiment in Florida: The Promise Program. That program cultivated fertile ground for violence in the schools in the years leading up to the shooting. Instead of arresting students for their crimes, the Promise Program encouraged warnings, counseling and conflict resolution. All discretion was taken away from law officers from making arrests. This Obama era disciplinary reduction policy sounds very much like Rachael Rollins’ policies.

    These policies will be a disaster for Suffolk County, and for MA if we allow this to continue. We are simply emboldening criminals.