Central Islip: MS-13 Issues A Wake-Up Call

Posted April 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

WHEN will white liberal suburban Americans wake up to the immigration nightmare?   For decades Americans have tolerated “illegal immigration”  – believing they were helping “poor refugees from impoverished war-torn lands”.

Now the children of those “poor refugees” are killing each other,  – and us,  – as they begin to clog our courts, fill up our prisons, and cost us BILLIONS!

If Central Islip on Long Island seems a long way from your front door – and from your local high school,….you’re just fooling yourself.  Already at least 10 murders of teenagers are attributed to the MS-13 gang growing there.

In the Greater Boston area young men and women are being discovered dead – with very little explanation offered by ‘authorities’ (mostly Democrats) – like the headless armless body found on the banks of the Merrimack River in Lawrence last December.

For decades Democrats hoped to turn illegal immigrants into a solid Democrat voting block,…so they and their Propaganda Ministry downplayed or ignored the constantly increasing level of violent crime taking place in big cities among various ‘refugee communities’.


We pay for every body,  every court case, every autopsy, every burial, every hour of defense attorney fees, every day in jail and prison.

Non gang members – i.e. your kids and grandkids  – have to exist and try to survive in schools where these gangs exist.  Recruiting efforts go on every day.  Would you even know if your son or daughter was being recruited?

While you’re busy lobbying to turn your town into a “Sanctuary Town”,….are your kids being targeted by a gang like MS-13? 


Are your school officials smart enough to know,…and honest enough to tell you…?

Or,…are they part of the Liberal COVER-UP…?

Ignoring gang activity in your town and in your school is EXACTLY like ignoring a growing lump in your breast or your scrotum….

It may not kill you tomorrow, – – but it W-I-L-L KILL YOU!

WAKE-UP CALL!   In many American Jr and Sr high schools,  kids as young as 12 are joining violent gangs,  – and using severe intimidation tactics to recruit others.  They are known for killing other kids who won’t join.  This is ~ believed ~ to be the case in Central Islip last week.

But just a month ago two girls were killed – because they got in a beef with other girls who WERE gang members.  

When kids can order other kids killed,….and it happens within days,…do you think there is an intimidation factor?


Like all gangs throughout history,  they want money,  power,  sex, and community “respect”.  They will accept FEAR as a substitute for ‘respect’.

They expect to make money – BIG MONEY – from selling drugs,  guns,  and teenage prostitutes.  Yes, they will turn high school girls into working prostitutes in a heart-beat,….and when girls are found murdered,….the next 10 girls they target are likely to say YES – just to stay alive…..

And those ‘authorities’ are left trying to convict “underage teen offenders” of serious adult crimes,….and they can’t even question them without their parents and/or a lawyer present…

Hell, they won’t even publish the names – you have no way of knowing if your own kids are in danger.

Think that ~ maybe ~ we need some laws changed?

How many teenager gang members does it take to hold down and dismember a single teen? How much blood does a mother wash out of her son’s clothes without asking questions?

There are reports that one of the intended victims in Central Islip managed to flee as the carnage began. That ~ may ~ help police,…or he may be petrified with fear.

Gang members are unlikely to rat out fellow members – because even doing time for a lesser charge,….they will be in a prison already full of life-long gang members.

Your elected town, city, and state officials,  – and your school teachers and administrators are mostly liberal democrats.  They cannot (refuse) see the evil lurking right in front of them.

Wrapped in their own liberal dogma “we are all children of the Earth”  – they cannot see that both Muslim values and Central American values are vastly different from Northern European and American values.

Whether Muslims or Aztecs,….we are dealing with cultures which place minimal values on LIFE,  and even less on WOMEN,…and place a high value on killing.  BOTH have a long tradition of slavery.

Today Christian churches are leaders in the sanctuary movement – often housing, feeding, and hiding Central American ‘refugees’ from deportation.  They’re playing right into the hands of the gangs,…literally aiding and perpetuating the problem.

And your local Democrats? 

Too stupid and too blinded by their own egos and their own bullshit to see reality – even when it lies dismembered in a public place.

UPDATE:   Wed, 19 July 2017   The four dead at Central Islip were suspected of being in a rival gang,  – and were lured to the park by two girls – who then texted the gang of 19,  – who surrounded the victims – killing them with clubs, knives, and machetes.  A 5th victim ran for his life.


4 Responses to “Central Islip: MS-13 Issues A Wake-Up Call”

  1. Sherox

    Those “churches” who are hiding criminal aliens AKA illegal aliens are in Boston and Lawrence now. Just how far is that from you? Those cities are what we know. What ones don’t we know?

  2. Varvara

    Who is the one in the head covering, on the left, with the pink jacket?

    They are in Cambridge.


    That’s actually NOT a ‘head covering’, – it is the dark flowing hair of your Acton Selectwoman Katie Green – who is pushing to make Acton a “Sanctuary Town”….because she wants to shelter and shield rapists and murderers…


  3. Catherine

    These poor black girls’ lives do NOT matter to the left, because their deaths did not serve the ultra-leftist agenda.

    But they matter to ME. But I don’t count, because I am a pale skinned conservative.

  4. Kojack

    These are the “dreamers” the lib-TURDS so reverently speak of.