Ceci Velásquez Was Very Very Hungry

Posted June 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Arizona State Rep [yes Democrat] got herself arrested and charged with three counts of Food Stamp Fraud$1,726 worth over three years….
Ceci Velasquez was hungry
Ceci states on her State House bio that she is a proud second-generation Mexican-American with 5 kids and a grandchild….  And she’s a paralegal….so she’ll have a good understanding of the charges…

Ceci hails from Litchfield Park – a suburb just west of Phoenix bordering on Luke AFB.

We need the work

Now here’s the funny / ironic part….. Earlier this year Ceci voted AGAINST a bill designed to crack down on Welfare Fraud….

Arizona State legislators living within Maricopa County [that’s Ceci] get paid $24,000 per year plus $35.oo per day for the first 120 days of each regular or special session, – then $10.oo per day starting on day 121….

In Arizona the Legislature is not intended to be a full-time job….

Litchfield Park Map

I don’t think she’s gonna like Sheriff Joe’s jail much….but she might lose some weight!

Folks, between the citizens abusing the system, – and the illegals abusing it,…do you think the working voters of Arizona have a beef with Democrats,…and Obama?

Where did Ceci get her entitlement mentality….?

5 Responses to “Ceci Velásquez Was Very Very Hungry”

  1. Hunter556

    Similar to baiting prey……liberals just cannot resist. Best part….they ALWAYS harm those they claim to want to help.

  2. Kim

    There should be extra time for elected officials who defraud the system – treble time just like treble damages!

  3. Panther 6

    How do we keep electing idiots like this criminal to our Congress?

  4. Vic

    What exactly is a second generation Mexican American, anyway?

  5. Sherox

    It’s time that any elected individual in any office can be recalled.