‘Cause Black Pimps Matter?

Posted May 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

There is nothing like a creative story to wiggle out of a human trafficking charge,…like “I was asked to house a homeless woman…”
Charles Wade - Black Hookers Matter
Charles Curtis Wade – arrested for pimping teenage girls in Maryland, – was a big-time Black Lives Matter activist 2 years ago in Ferguson…

I think this is just a case of an amateur poverty pimp who couldn’t make any real cash in Missouri in the aftermath of the Michael Brown police shooting,…

Charles Wade in Ferguson

…so he fell back on the world’s oldest profession…and promptly got caught…in College Park Maryland by an undercover anti-trafficking task force.

Charles Wade  charges

And claimed he didn’t know the woman was underage……

Hey,…it always worked for the Kennedys…..

Charles Wade court papers

If you have a dummycrat friend who has a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard,…ask them why they’re not standing outside Planned Parenthood, – where Black babies are killed by the dozens every day….

Charles Wade   on the phone

4 Responses to “‘Cause Black Pimps Matter?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Wouldn’t society be lucky if this guy treads on some other pimp’s turf and is abruptly removed from the inventory of human gene pool polluters….

  2. Hunter556

    And why exactly should I give a shit about these monkeys? They don’t respect themselves or their own women.

  3. Hunter556

    I recall a similar situation at U Mass Lowell in the mid 90’s. The black frat there enslaved the black girls and told them that by doing all the house work for the frat that they would be awarded their own female chapter…..imagine the shock when the girls found there was no female chapter.

  4. kojack

    Typical of Black LIES DON’T MATTER constituents.