Catherine White For 3rd Middlesex

Posted February 25th, 2020 by Iron Mike

We’re up against the Charlie FAKER gang of FAKE Republicans,  – really Democrats in disguise….aka ZOMBIES!

By Law (that’s a long sad story) the Mass GOP State Committee must be 40 men and 40 women;  – pairs from each state senate district.  Charlie is spending a FORTUNE to load the committee with like-minded RiNOs and FAKES.

The founders of RRB are unabashed;  we’ve known Catherine White (my “Stubby Buddy”) for years – we’ve attended her Constitution Course,  and we know well her soul and her values.

We endorse her.

We cannot help but seriously question her opponent,  – except we’ve seen so many others of shallow values and coin-operated morals run too….

At it’s core,  the job of a State Committee Critter is unpaid and thankless,  and most of them can barely be bothered to show up at the quarterly meetings (parties).

But since taking office,  FAKER has begun to reward his groveling acolytes with good paying state jobs.  Then, because some are just your basic assholes – he had to fire some (Matt Sisk & masturbator Mike Case),  – as others like Christine Cedrone the dirty Quincy lawyer who ended up in jail.

Today his stealthy progressive takeover of the Republican Party here is a 2-phase campaign,

(1). purge the MassGOP of anyone that is a REAL Republican, then

(2). come September have his chosen puppets challenge the few remaining Republican State Legislators,  – to primary them off the November Ballot.

Unless you follow politics – and / or do your research,  you’ll be easily fooled into voting for FAKER’S ZOMBIES.

For those who still think Charlie is a ‘Republican’ – a few simple questions:

Name one thing he campaigned on – that he condemned Deval Patrick for,  – that he has actually FIXED…?

Name one thing he’s done – while Trump has been cutting taxes and regulations and paving a superhighway for industry to return manufacturing jobs to the USA,  – that has encouraged manufacturing companies to relocate from Asia back HERE to Massachusetts…?

WHEN have you seen Baker rebuke Ed Markey, Senator Squaw, or Ayanna Pressley?

Why has Baker abandoned honor and Republican values?

Why is Baker so openly pro-abortion,  anti-gun,  anti-Trump,  and why has he not lifted a finger to stop local mayors from declaring “Sanctuary Cities”…?

We think he was co-opted by falling in with the wrong crowd – Weld, Romney, Kaufman, Brown.   We think the end of Honor came back when the Globe flattered him by calling him “The Most Popular Governor in America”The flattery worked – overtime!

He was thinking that he could run for President,  – until a series of disasters here made him look no more capable than Deval Patrick, – just taller.   And his old boss Mitt Romney was telling him to ‘stand aside – wait your turn’…

HINT:   If a given candidate doesn’t have a LTC or at least their NRA Membership card,  – they are likely a FAKE Republican.

You can also go here to see where a particular candidate has given $$ in the past (or not given).


3 Responses to “Catherine White For 3rd Middlesex”

  1. sad4magop

    Baker is a fraud, and would like nothing more than to destroy the Massachusetts Republican Party while at the same time getting his third term. Buyer beware – if as a voter you get a flyer from a State Committee candidates that says ‘Drain the Swamp’ or is posted from a PAC named ‘RGMA’ or simply is posted from an address not that of the candidate in question, the piece is from a Baker-bot. Baker can only beat Republicans, as his record shows. He cannot defeat Democrats (not that he wants to) and we all know he can’t win a ballot question (he lost 2 in 2016!). So to beat other solid Republicans he steals the language of the man he hates – Donald J. Trump. Go to to be certain to drain the swamp of the RINO swamp creatures who have destroyed out Party and our State.

  2. Wilbur

    Thank you for all that you do Mike F.

    Baker is a total fraud

    I have it on a good source that he hates being called a progressive. So keep that up.
    And it is true. You can’t find anyone that can tell you anything that he has done that is “republican” in nature, because he hasn’t.

    AND you can’t find any issue that he differs on significantly from Elisabeth Warren’s stance on the issue. In some cases, he is even more progressive than Warren.

    Keep up the good work Mike

  3. TC

    I tried getting info on Catherine White on the internet via 2 separate browsers after a phone call I received “from Washington DC” and it WHERE is it? SCOURED??? Well, at least I found this blog.