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They’re back,…hundreds of thousands of women gathering in DC, NYC, LA, Boston,…to march in their Pink Pussy Hats – against the man who is making them richer?   It is perhaps the greatest expression of mindless lemming-like behavior ever seen on earth,  – at least since Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies in the 1930s. These women had the […]

He is essentially a good man,  but the “Swamp” sucked him in,  and Trump fired him. He’s a medical doctor – an orthopedic surgeon,  – pro-Life,  pro-2A,  and a lifelong campaigner against any form of Socialized Medicine. I think the Obama holdovers at HHS set him up to be beheaded.

Yesterday one of his police officers was assassinated.  Today a Police Academy class of 524 young officers got sworn in,  – each ready to risk their lives to keep the City safe. So was Mayor De Blasio there to make an inspiring speech?  Nah!   He and three aides (but not his wife) were jetting […]

Not yet sworn in,  good things already happening…. Watch the left try to spin this!

Next Tuesday Obama will deliver his long-awaited ‘farewell address’.  He says George Washington set the precedent.   He’s flying to Chicago to deliver it. He’ll have LOTS of Secret Service protection as he re-enters the old war zone….

Our attention-seeking Attorney General has over-reached,  – and the Judge wants Exxon to have a chance to examine her motives…. She’s just spent a LOT of your money trying to avoid the trip,  – but all she did was piss off the judge.

$4,400,000,000 ($4.4 BILLION) DEAD in the WATER! At RRB we were mocking Russia’s Belching Pig – the pathetic aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Putin sent to strike targets in Syria. It broke down and had to be towed into port. The SAME DAMN THING just happened to our newest Destroyer.

That’s right smart-ass – get ready to bend over – a lot in your new home. Otto became the Poster Boy for Dumb ASS, – first by going on a trip to North Korea…the world’s most repressive state….

That’s my ‘nice way’ – of saying he’s proving himself an inept but fully flaming ASSHOLE!   America,  we are NOT SAFE with this Obama Toady in charge of our military. OK,  you’re asking – what did he do now? 

At RRB we were stunned when Obama went to the Pentagon to confer with his generals.   We didn’t think he knew where the building is… Claiming to be part of a 64-nation ‘coalition’,  – Obama promised more of the same,  – i.e. Teleprompter Powered hot air – directed against his feared and hated enemy – […]