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From the beginning,  – from when he first looked at himself in the mirror,  Willard Mitt Romney has been all about HIMSELF,  – and he routinely betrays people who are foolish enough to trust him. How do you think Deval Patrick was able to become governor of MassHole? 

Rolling Trump Parade In Cincinnati

September 21st, 2020

They were going BOTH ways around the I-275 Cincinnati Loop. Did CNN cover this?  Does the Biden campaign even have flags?

In utter defiance of Nevada’s Democrap governor Sisolak’s ban on gatherings,  Trump held his second Nevada rally in a warehouse in Henderson. There were 5,500 inside – and an estimated 20,000+ outside.

Ms. Lovely Wright is a lawyer and career politician, – first elected Mayor of Rochester NY in 2013,  previously a member of the City Council since 2007.  She was once a summer law clerk for Elliot Spitzer… With her city of 206,000 people enduring endless race riots and no end in sight,  – her top […]

Vice President Mike Pence’s acceptance speech at historic Fort McHenry,  – scene of the historic battle that began on Tuesday, 13 September 1814,  – could not have been more on target and more perfect. President Trump and Melania joined him when it was over. 2 videos:

It seems Trump has won over the hearts and minds of Working Americans – of both parties….

Perhaps the Propaganda Ministry was so busy breathing their collective sigh of relief that Biden didn’t step on his foreskin last night,  – they just plain forgot to cover the protests outside….? There is SO MUCH damning video of Biden,  the organizers are going to need more trucks! video:

These Trump boat parades happen pretty spontaneously;  – it’s for sure the GOP isn’t organizing them. Do Joe and his Hoe have any nautical supporters?

Boston’s own Communist Congresswoman comes on FULL-THROTTLE with a racist rant about having voters generate “Unrest in the streets”! With riots,  mayhem,  and burning going on in over a dozen US cities right now,  – her choice of words is troubling,  but hardly accidental.  At issue is mass mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, – the […]

Again Folks,  if you think Chicago’s Sunday morning looting spree was about ‘race’ – or ‘Black Lives’,  – you’ve bought and swallowed the George Soros propaganda like a willing stooge. Growing up in Chicago,  Latrell and his brothers had many opportunities to avail themselves of educational and work opportunities.  They should have finished high school […]