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While we should not judge the majority of ANY people on the actions of a few,  – the recent rioting in parts of South Africa – an all-Black nation with only a tiny White population of farmers,  – should cause some Americans to re-think their politics. If you didn’t hear about the South African riots […]

They are in DC because they don’t want to vote on the Texas voter reform bill that will make it easier to vote,  – but harder to cheat.   Kamala is there because China Joe needs a life insurance policy (like he was for Obama).

America has come a long – long – and very bloody way from the election of 1864,  – when American voters decided that it was time for an anti-slavery president. That election had immediate and very bloody consequences,  – and today most Americans – Black and White – are clueless.

He is a man without a heart – denying his own birthplace – Cuba. Why does Biden and Mayorkas fear a new wave of Cuban refugees, – while welcoming migrant hordes from Central America…?

Stacey and Georgia’s two communist senators Ossoff and Warnock won the first round,  – using “RACISM” to chase the All Star game out of Atlanta to Denver.

Wild Bill Finlay has always had the courage to speak out on controversial and delicate social issues, – and do so in plain-spoken English,  seasoned with occasional humor.  Here is 4 minutes of common sense: As we post this video we wonder how many Black Americans and Liberal White Globalists can tell you how many […]

If nothing else – my breakfast this morning at the Farmer’s Kitchen in downtown Wolfeboro was solid proof that we moved to the right place! Old-timers may remember the place as the Bridge Diner, – but we can recommend the food,  the service,  the atmosphere,  and that a lot of good American Patriots frequent the […]

They held a Primary Vote Tuesday for Mayor.  The Black Guy won. In a city torn apart just a year ago by “BLM” race riots,  just 26% of the Democrat voters bothered to show up and vote.  There were NO Republicans in the race.

Danielle S. Allen has enjoyed a meteoric rise through the academic ranks of Harvard,  – ever since they ran out of fake Cherokees…   She is the perfect AA/EEO token;  – half-Black with a degree in the Classics from Princeton and PhDs from Cambridge (Classics) and Harvard (Government). She feels that Lockdown Charlie’s policies exacerbated inequality […]

Carmel is a town of 35,000+ barely an hour north of NYC,   where the Hudson Highlands meet the Taconic Mountains.   It’ a rich town.  A fight has been smoldering there for months,  – as the liberal all-white school board has let their teacher’s union run amok with Critical Race Theory.   This mom is fighting back. […]