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Think he’s pissed at Kemp’s back-stabbing betrayal? He just promised to return to Georgia in 2022 to campaign against Brian Kemp and GA SecState Brad Raffensperger – who allowed the presidential election to be totally compromised,  and who have done nothing since to correct the fraud.  Maybe you forgot? 

One Long Day : 5 Trump Rallies!

November 3rd, 2020

Count them:  Fayetteville – Wilkes-Barre Scranton – Traverse City – Kenosha – Grand Rapids. America has never had a President with this much energy and this much love for the American People!

Those Americans didn’t serve,  and fight,  and die so that future generations of uneducated and pussified Americans could vote to discard our sovereignty and be governed by a family of corrupt Delaware thieves, liars, and plagiarizers. Whether you see your vote as a privilege or a right,  – it comes with an equally heavy responsibility.   DON’T BLOW […]

The citizens of New York City can ONLY blame themselves,  – because they thought it would be ‘cute’ or maybe ‘trendy’ to have a communist mayor,  – and a thug for a governor. A army of foreigners didn’t do this;  – this was the work of their very own 3rd,  4th,  and 5th generation welfare […]

Trump Song by Camille & Haley

October 28th, 2020

As I post this video,  I’m thanking God these young ladies didn’t grow up to be Bernie Babes – – like so many of their brainwashed age group.  Enjoy! Wanna see a little more clean entertainment?

If elected,  Joe Biden could break Harrison’s Record….

Get Well Mister President!

October 2nd, 2020

The seemingly indomitable Trump and Melania tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus.  As the Stock Market absorbs the shock,  – suddenly lots of 4-year Trump-Haters are forced to rethink what life would be like here without this giant. RRB is betting these two fine Americans will pull through with nary a bad day,  and will […]

Joe’s gonna need some vitamin shots and some NoDoz!

From the beginning,  – from when he first looked at himself in the mirror,  Willard Mitt Romney has been all about HIMSELF,  – and he routinely betrays people who are foolish enough to trust him. How do you think Deval Patrick was able to become governor of MassHole? 

Rolling Trump Parade In Cincinnati

September 21st, 2020

They were going BOTH ways around the I-275 Cincinnati Loop. Did CNN cover this?  Does the Biden campaign even have flags?