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Albuquerque used to be a quiet artist enclave.   Today it sits astride a smuggling / illegal immigrant crossroads.  It has become another Soros City. District Attorney Raul Torrez is the perfect stealth commie:  Harvard, – London School of Economics, – Stanford Law.   Soros paid for his election. Law Professor Mary Leto Pareja – bi-lingual – […]

China Joe Booed In Long Beach

September 14th, 2021

More Good News From Texas!

September 10th, 2021

While we should not judge the majority of ANY people on the actions of a few,  – the recent rioting in parts of South Africa – an all-Black nation with only a tiny White population of farmers,  – should cause some Americans to re-think their politics. If you didn’t hear about the South African riots […]

They are in DC because they don’t want to vote on the Texas voter reform bill that will make it easier to vote,  – but harder to cheat.   Kamala is there because China Joe needs a life insurance policy (like he was for Obama).

America has come a long – long – and very bloody way from the election of 1864,  – when American voters decided that it was time for an anti-slavery president. That election had immediate and very bloody consequences,  – and today most Americans – Black and White – are clueless.

He is a man without a heart – denying his own birthplace – Cuba. Why does Biden and Mayorkas fear a new wave of Cuban refugees, – while welcoming migrant hordes from Central America…?

Stacey and Georgia’s two communist senators Ossoff and Warnock won the first round,  – using “RACISM” to chase the All Star game out of Atlanta to Denver.

Wild Bill Finlay has always had the courage to speak out on controversial and delicate social issues, – and do so in plain-spoken English,  seasoned with occasional humor.  Here is 4 minutes of common sense: As we post this video we wonder how many Black Americans and Liberal White Globalists can tell you how many […]

If nothing else – my breakfast this morning at the Farmer’s Kitchen in downtown Wolfeboro was solid proof that we moved to the right place! Old-timers may remember the place as the Bridge Diner, – but we can recommend the food,  the service,  the atmosphere,  and that a lot of good American Patriots frequent the […]