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With our Nation on lockdown, – with 22 million Americans out of work and millions of businesses closed due to the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus,…we don’t need any more mouths to feed! Democrats will go bullshit – as their supply of new 2020 illegal voters gets cut off.

If only the Scarecrow had a BRAIN, – he’d see it coming… Slow Joe / Creepy Joe is all about his own ego,  – his desire to be ‘as good’ as Obama,  – and his desire to enrich his extended family from the Public Treasury….  If he picks Michelle for his VP,  he’ll be damned […]

He runs America’s 2nd RICHEST state,  – with the 3rd BIGGEST population.   He was Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary, – then NY State Attorney General,  – and has been Governor since January 1st 2011.   Yet his state was woefully unprepared for the Chinese Coronavirus? Since early March he’s been squawking like a baby bird: “Feed me […]

Yet another coin-operated DemoCRAP sell-out jumps on the train wreck….

40 Pieces Of Silver Bernie?

April 13th, 2020

Sellout Sanders – that aging Commie, – has just endorsed the aging Dementia Patient,  thus removing some of the potential friction from the 2020 DNC in August. Now Slow Joe needs to bring Hillary and Obama on board… Hey Millennials – if you studied 2016,  – you’d have seen this coming last April! 

Unless he gets Arkancided,  – or dies from the Wuhan Coronavirus,  Slow Joe is going to be the Dem’s 2020 Candidate (shudder!).   He needs a running mate. He’s already publicly committed to picking a woman!

From his living room in Vermont – decorated like an office in the Lubyanka Prison,  – Bernie the Buzzard suspends his White House quest…. In his communist mind – the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic is ‘PROOF’ that America needs a single-payer government-controlled health-care system. VIDEO:

Wisconsin Democrats viewed this as a needless primary;  they’re ready to anoint Slow Joe Biden. But both the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court ruled that the election must be held – in person – and on the scheduled day.  No last-minute changes in the rules. Short many of their usual election workers […]

It Was Their Dying Wish….

April 7th, 2020

Yes,  people are sick,  – some VERY sick,  and some are dying – maybe at about the same normal level as for the flu.  BUT,  are hospitals really being ‘OVERWHELMED’? Here is some evidence that the MEDIA is hyping a story way beyond reality.  Is the hype all part of the plan to scuttle Trump […]