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Don’t let their bombastic lies and distortions fool you! The ELEPHANTS in the ROOM are those ongoing campaign contributions (aka F-R-E-E MONEY) from Planned Parenthood.   Killing babies – mostly Black and Hispanic babies,  – has become their way of life.

He screws up his words so often,  – how are we to know if this is just garbled speech,  – or just possibly him bragging, – like when he bragged about bribing the Ukrainian government to fire their chief prosecutor?

As far back as 2005 the Communists were targeting weak and corruptible Americans in high places.  In the Senator from Delaware they found their mole. The Chinese were looking for weak-minded American politicians,  – the ones who didn’t understand History,  – but who would regurgitate buzzwords like “cooperation’ and ‘globalism’…

Rigging,…fixing,…cheating,…denying,…lying,…. With so much practice, – and generations of experience,  – you’d think they’d be better at it.   But they remain inept and clumsy.

Has ANY Democrat – anywhere – E-V-E-R told the TRUTH?

On very short notice – a huge crowd endured the wait in Sanford, Florida.  Trump looks great! Photos & video:

The Harris-Biden “Soul of the Nation” bus tour kicked off in Arizona,  – in an empty garage – with a few reporters sitting in their assigned circles…. Where were the throngs of enthusiastic and hysterical Democrat voters who’d been waiting for HOURS to see them?

2,000 Car Trump Parade In Miami

October 11th, 2020

Reports vary – was it 2,000 cars, – or 30,000 cars?   Another video below the fold: