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PROOF that they KNOW the disease is not a threat to average citizens in good health.  So why the hysteria…?

A number of you left-wing governors across our land are using the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic to trample our Constitution and micro-manage our lives … But Fate,  Karma,  and Mother Nature just might gang up to humiliate you;  – so you might want to reconsider your dictatorial actions and your imperial attitudes.

America’s most incompetent (and arrogant) government agency – rivaling the FBI… After America’s wives and mothers emptied the store shelves,…some answers are due.

It was once a vaunted Law School,  – but over several decades recast itself as a Communist Training Academy. Today,  any firm hiring a Columbia Law grad understands they’re hiring a highly (and expensively) trained Communist revolutionary.

The only thing that matters to Democrats is keeping that Planned Murderhood money rolling into their campaign coffers…

Bernie is 78 years old,   and he’s just learning about Politics.

The cover-up of Ukraine-Gate and China-Gate continues full steam ahead!  Neither Pelosi or Biden have ever earned an honest dollar in their entire lives….  

It was a clear case of mixed messages in front of Charlie’s otherwise quiet Swampscott home. We wondered if Charlie’s tit-grabber son AJ was home, – looking out the windows? video