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If she decides to run again in 2024,  will a live Bill be an asset?   Will a live Maxwell be providing the tabloids with a constant drip of juicy details…?  Decisions,  Decisions… How many more does she need to Arkancide?   How far can one woman stretch ‘plausible deniability’. . . ?

Her laughing at the serious question of enough gasoline for Americans to both go to work and buy groceries – – is essentially the Biden Cartel saying “FUCK YOU AMERICA!” Michigan’s gift to Globalism and Socialism….and Communist China!

As the George Soros Communists rant about defunding and ‘reimagining’ the Police,  – the media is busy spinning blame away from the obvious…. RIP: Gabby Petito and Halyna Hutchins.  You deserved much better men in your short lives.   A ‘gun’ didn’t kill Halyna – a career left-wing asshole did. UPDATE: Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021 It […]

As a welcome distraction from the endless news of Biden’s Border failures,  – we have the story of husband & wife navy spies – Jonathan and Diana Toebbe of Annapolis, MD,  – who tried to sell secrets of the USS Virginia (a cruise missile attack submarine) to a foreign power – for bitcoins. Anybody remember […]

Kramer isn’t poor.  He got a 51% raise last year,  – $893 in straight salary,  $1.2 Million stock bonus and $3.5 in stock options,  plus other benefits which gave him a yearly total of $5.6 Million.  Why did he need to break the law?  SEC Update:  

Caroline Kennedy,  the surviving matriarch of the forever cursed Kennedy Clan, – in a desperate quest for relevance in 2021,  – will give the “Profiles in Courage Award” to the Utah Backstabber. It is a metaphor for how low and how un-American the modern Democrat Party has sunk since the days she used to ride […]

No sooner does Crooked China Joe kill the pipeline (so his donor Warren Buffett can keep getting richer) – than Mother Nature bitch-slaps his weed-smoking Democrat voters in Colorado. It was the second time since Biden’s Executive Order that Mother Nature punished Denver.

Outside,  1 million rightfully angry Patriots came to protest a stolen election,  – and the Democrats who did it,  – AND the RiNOs who were blessing it.   Several dozen AntiFA goons had infiltrated their ranks,  – and broke into the Capitol with surprising ease. Suddenly the DC Political Class understood how vulnerable they are,  – […]

The bigger the target,  – the easier to hit!   He should’a tried Weight Watchers! We wonder if his assassin had a legal weapon and had passed a police background check…