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The Taliban’s Ally is gone from our White House;  – we have an American Patriot there now,  – and the chance of a presidential pardon for Bergdahl deserting his post in combat is long gone. In his old age – if he lives long enough, – this wasted libturd sperm may come to realize that […]

Judge Leila R. Kern Got It WRONG!

September 7th, 2017

One might almost suspect the Liberal Know-it-Alls of Acton went judge-shopping.  Middlesex Superior Court Judge Leila R. Kern has been controversial in the past,  – often making decisions hurtful to rape victims. Last September she let the Town of Acton rape the taxpayers.  Today her decision will be reviewed on appeal by the Supreme Judicial […]

Scott was planning to challenge Niki Tsongas,  – but it seems he scared her off.  Today Pelosi’s Toady announced she’s not going to play politics anymore.  Thank God!

Sort of like asking for peace….as the missiles are in re-entry… Let’s see what he’s says on TV come Sunday Morning.

A woman approached me in Concord this morning – in tears – distraught,  gurgling up words: “Your car…makes me feel so bad”. She was a middle-aged cupcake,  – who’d waited her whole life to bask in the glow of a Woman President….

Are DNA Tests In Order?

October 28th, 2016

Lots of kids grow up not knowing – or not for sure,  – who their daddies are.   Some care,  – others just know the parents raising them love them,  – and that’s enough. But certainly young Danny Williams is entitled to know.  Chelsea may not care;  – after all,  – she’s IN the Cartel.

If Video I sickened you,  – go get your barf bucket. These folks display a ruthless indifference to our laws and to decency. To them winning elections justifies anything and everything.   They’re already working on 2018.

We know you can multiply Antonio;  – 12 kids so far by 8 different baby-mommas;…and you owe $336,000 in back child support… So tell us Dumbass,  – how you gonna’ pay,  – when the Colts just let you go for disrespecting our Nation Anthem – in LONDON!

The Young, the RICH,….the smug Know-it-ALLs…. Do you suppose they ~ might ~ have illegals working for them?

In 1992, 1996, 2008 and again in 2012 American voters made it easy for the Chinese to expand militarily – into space and across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Why do you think they funded Bill, Obama, and now Hillary…? Obama is way too much the fool and the narcissist to connect the dots, – […]