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Merrick Garland had a safe lifetime job – Chief Justice of the DC Appeals Court.  But he wanted revenge against conservatives,  so he accepted the job as Biden’s Attorney General (i.e. legal thug). Now Garland is learning that Biden isn’t loyal to anybody except blood family,  – as they pull his legal cover of plausible […]

Memorial Day is when we remember and thank our dead – 1,300,000 of them.   Veteran’s Day is when we thank the living – even the ones who served in air-conditioned stateside safety enjoying three hot meals a day and maid service. I want something much different from my fellow citizens. CAUTION:   Thinking required.

Soros DA Rachael Rollins Heckled!

November 10th, 2021

Not only is she the duly elected Suffolk County DA, – Biden nominated her to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts (on Soros’ instructions of course).  She’s standing at the scene where three Boston Cops were shot, – responding to a ‘domestic’ call. As the violence has increased in Boston,  and Rollins keeps finding […]

Did Biden send her on a Mission, – or to get her the hell out of the WH for a few days…?

Did landing a job beyond her qualifications,  – then getting a steady stream of promotions,  – cause her to believe she was smarter than the Navy’s submarine designers? Where have we seen this behavior before?

It this the demeanor of a man fully in charge of our country,  – or a man frustrated at having to keep all the lies straight in his Swiss-cheese brain…?  Just 1 week ago he was telling a different  story: 

In Boston Sunday it got ugly – when Soros sent his AntiFA goons to break up a peaceful anti-vax rally.

In her clueless racist mind the number of TREES in a neighborhood has something to do with the number of Black people living there….   T-H-I-S  is her chief worry? REMEMBER:   When Biden goes to Walter Reed,  we’re STUCK with her!

Vaccine Mandates? No Way José!

November 7th, 2021

Would-be Emperor (dictator) China Joe Biden got bitch-slapped by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals – down in New Orleans Saturday. Well Deserved! The Vaccine & Mask Zealots of the Left are in a real snit this weekend.