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80 years ago this morning across America – all was quiet – as families went to church.   By sundown, our nation was in shock. Many at first believed this was another George Wells “War of the Worlds” production,  – unable to believe that far-away Japan had really dared to – or even could – attack […]

Memorial Day is when we remember and thank our dead – 1,300,000 of them.   Veteran’s Day is when we thank the living – even the ones who served in air-conditioned stateside safety enjoying three hot meals a day and maid service. I want something much different from my fellow citizens. CAUTION:   Thinking required.

Why Teachers Should Carry Guns!

November 5th, 2021

How long will these tender geniuses last down in Fort Madison in Iowa State? They’re just 16 year old.  Their victim was Nohema Graber – their 66 year old Spanish teacher, – who they ambushed after school in a public park,  and buried under a tarp,  a wheelbarrow,  and railroad ties. Willard has already ratted out […]

96% of votes counted;   107,000 mail-in ballots still out. How long before they wake Biden to tell him…? Biden with Afghanistan and Gas Prices, and McAuliffe with school parents and CRT have utterly destroyed the Democrap Party.  Suddenly even Democrats understand the evil.

The surest way to know if a Democrap is a racist is when they’ve started counting people by skin color – not character. And so it was yesterday in Virginia – when Terry McAuliffe lamented that 50% of the students in the state were “of color”,  – while 80% of the teachers are White.

In his desperation to discredit Youngkin and win the Governor’s Seat again,  McAuliffe – or a staffer – forgot that “White Racists” are supposed to be WHITE! We shouldn’t be surprised at either the level of desperation,  – the dirty tricks,  – or the utter ineptitude in casting.   Democraps screw everything up!

Have you heard of Sarah Leonardi,  – the former Teacher of the Year and current Broward School Board Member,  – who is bragging on Facebook about taking elementary school kids on a field trip,  – to a local Gay Bar? There are some seriously sick and warped people teaching – and on your local school […]