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Chevy Chase Eddie hasn’t turned in an honest day’s work since he drove the ice cream truck during the Vietnam War.  Suddenly he’s got a real challenger,  after he posed for a photo-op with AOC. Anybody think that Boston lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan looks like she might be Eddie’s little sister…?

If you consider the tortured boundaries of Ohio’s 1st,  4th,  6th,  7th,  8th,  9th,  12th,  13th, 15th,  and 16th Congressional Districts, – you might agree with the judges in the Southern District of Ohio who ordered Ohio to redraw their map in time for 2020. This case is likely to go higher, since 2020 is so […]

When the Poway Synagogue killer – 19-year old John Earnest, – is tried and convicted of premeditated murder, California today can give him the Death Penalty, except for Governor Newsom’s moratorium…  California will feed Earnest for decades, – unless he meets Jaime Osuna. When liberals argue against the Death Penalty, are they worried that a […]

Somebody has spent too much time looking at himself in the mirror… Far-left Trump-hating California gadfly Eric Swalwell goes on late-nite TV to announce he’s in the presidential race.  Will the media vet him?  short clip:

For Clinton-era Democrats, Joe Biden remains their last Great White Hope,  allegedly a centrist who won’t go down the slippery slope of Bernie’s Socialism. But Joe has ALWAYS had a few glaring problems – which is exactly why Obama needed him as his VP – his Life Insurance Policy….  video

In 2008,  Obama picked the most ignorant Senator as his Vice President running mate.   Biden would be his life insurance policy,  – a man so obviously out of control nobody would dare kill The Messiah…. It worked!  Obama is alive today ONLY because of Creepy Joe.  Photos and videos:

Just 11 years after the Democrats were excoriating John McCain, – suddenly he’s their “Brave National War Hero”….? They’re delighted with his role in sending the GPS Golden Showers Memo to the Media and the FBI! And suddenly they’re looking at our National Village Idiot as someone who ~ might ~ beat the hated Trump,  […]

May a Merciful God and an Informed Electorate spare our Republic from these arrogant fools…