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     Biden gets BAD NEWS while photo-opping overseas in Rome. Attorney Michael Yoder:  “The Biden administration has shown an unprecedented,  cavalier attitude toward the rule of law and an utter ineptitude at basic constitutional contours.”

The Legitimate President drew the largest crowd EVER at the concert arena (enlarged in 2018 to hold over 14,000).  These appearances are keeping the hopes of regular Americans alive,  – while we await the eventual hospitalization of China Joe Biden,-  and the vicious evil that is Kamala Kneepads.   Every American needs to plan on being […]

Donna was born in Kingston, Jamaica,  – was raised in Canada, – moved to Georgia in 1998, – became a Citizen in 2012, – and represents the 105th District (Lawrence – Grayson, Northeast of Atlanta) in the Georgia House. What part of her twisted hate-filled soul is bothered by Thomas?  Is it his pro-life stance, – […]

Was Sotomayor’s refusal to take up the plea from the NYC Teachers a sign of personal laziness,  – or a signal the Court doesn’t want to be stuck playing doctor? De Blasio seems free to continue ruling by decree…

Whenever court decisions (however evil) favor Democraps – they cling to them like ivy.   Dred Scott and Roe v Wade are two glaring examples.  The 1857 Scott decision by Chief Justice Roger Taney led to the US Civil War,  – and over 650,000 dead on BOTH sides.  Today Dems are clinging tenaciously to Roe v […]

Late Thursday evening, the SCOTUS delivered the Biden Cabal yet another stinging defeat – ruling that the CDC has no authority under existing law to impose eviction moratoriums on landlords. Now delinquent tenants can either pay up their back rent,  – or move out.  RRB doubts that Pelosi can muster enough votes to pass a […]