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Whenever court decisions (however evil) favor Democraps – they cling to them like ivy.   Dred Scott and Roe v Wade are two glaring examples.  The 1857 Scott decision by Chief Justice Roger Taney led to the US Civil War,  – and over 650,000 dead on BOTH sides.  Today Dems are clinging tenaciously to Roe v […]

Late Thursday evening, the SCOTUS delivered the Biden Cabal yet another stinging defeat – ruling that the CDC has no authority under existing law to impose eviction moratoriums on landlords. Now delinquent tenants can either pay up their back rent,  – or move out.  RRB doubts that Pelosi can muster enough votes to pass a […]

After Justice Alito granted a 4-day stay to the 5th Circuit’s Decision – upholding the Stay-in-Mexico ruling,  – the full court refused to consider the appeal.  The Circuit Court’s Decision STANDS!

The media and the left called it a “Super-spreader Event”… A crowd of over 20,000 waited all afternoon – in the rain.

If anybody out there thinks the Trump era ended with the stolen election,  he or she better recalculate!  Here is Trump at CPAC Dallas Sunday 11 July 2021.  The sound starts slowly – stay with it…. ————————-SEE THE LEFT’S REACTION——-

When Trump mentioned Dr. Fauci, the crowd chanted “Lock him up!” 

What is it with Pennsylvania?  They can’t (won’t) conduct honest elections,  – and their prosecutors won’t honor agreements?  Conviction overturned!

You ~ might ~ say “He’s back!” – – but the fact is THIS President never left us! Ask yourself….where have you seen Bill Clinton or Barack Obama draw crowds like this after they were president…?